Induced blacking out as SH? **trigger**

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by mackaroni, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. mackaroni

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    For many years I have been engaged in inducing dizziness/feeling weird, through lack of oxygen. Lately I have been doing it until I black out. Is this considered a self-harm behavior and does anyone else engage in this?? This is the first time I am admitting this behavior to anyone as not even my therapist or psychiatrist know about this.
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  2. Acy

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    Yes, it is a form of self-harm as anything that deprives our brains of oxygen for long enough can cause brain damage. Repeated episodes of feeling dizzy or of outright blacking out can result in permanent brain damage of varying degrees. Also, if one is trying to cut off oxygen, it could go further and be a permanent loss of life. As with other forms of SH, this can become "addictive" - what a person goes to to relieve feelings/stress - instead of a constructive coping method.

    How about trying to replace destructive coping method with things that are constructive and life-affirming? Things like exercise, artwork, music, writing are all creative outputs that have a constructive benefit for health or mental well being.

    Passing out only lasts a few minutes and is dangerous, and unlike these other methods, has no long term benefits for the person or for others who could look at your art, read youe story/poem, or listen to your music.
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    I agree with this very much - as soon as the urge comes on try to engage in an activity that distracts, forces you to think of something else in order to do , and most importantly 2 hours later you will feel good about as opposed to guilt or shame...
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