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  1. Beka

    Beka Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    This post is probably going to be gross so I apologize in advance haha.

    How can you tell if a cut is infected?

    I have two cuts on my left forearm near the inner elbow. I had them bandaged up by a nurse two days ago but had to go back to get new steri strips yesterday because the original ones came off in my sleep. I took off the bandage and sterile bandage earlier so I could change them (the nurse told me to if there were signs of 'leakage' and she gave me spares). But once I got the sterile bandage off I noticed a lot of yellow pus coming from the cuts. I thought it's a bit odd as I've had deep cuts before but I never had pus coming from them so I thought, let's clean up this crap and put new steri strips on too. I took them off and the most disgusting smell hit me. I carried on cleaning them but I haven't put anything on them yet.

    The site is pretty painful but I guessed that that was because of the SI. I don't know whether to bandage them back up again or call the doctors or just wait till tomorrow to go back because I have an appointment then. The area is pretty red and slightly swollen too. I don't know if it's just because of where it is or what.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hun if it foul smelling then it is definitely infected badly and you need to get into doctor today ok get some antibiotics for it and get doc to clean it up so it heals properly don't wait until tomorrow
  3. Britt.woodman

    Britt.woodman Member

    I work at a hospital, nothing clinical, I handle the supply end. But ive always noticed an odor with specific products, some have antibacterials inside them, some not. For example one smells like stinky feet. Lol. And my opinions on your wounds, I have lots of piercings, and cuts. Just clean and have your nurse tend to them as you have been. But if its more serious than im imagining, dont wait any longer, no one should be in pain
  4. Beka

    Beka Well-Known Member

    I had a nurse look at them the day after and before I knew it another nurse and a doctor were in the room too haha. I got given antibiotics, they didn't really say whether or not they were infected but I'd imagine if it was an infection that was gonna be bad they would have told me. But they're finally starting to heal now which is a relief.
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