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  1. keo09

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    my doctor has decided 2 take me of tablets ( seroquel) and put me on injections i have never heared of this b4 just wounded if anyone new anything about this :)
  2. total eclipse

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    Hey my daughter was taken off seriquel too it was not keeping her stable. She is now on injection of resperidone every 2 weeks and is a new person on it.
    My twin as well has started this injection i wish she took it years ago so much better. The injections keep your levels of medication more stable not so up and down it is very good this injection way better then the meds and less weight gain on them for her anyways. i hope you find the same
  3. keo09

    keo09 Active Member

    thanks i really hope they work aswell 4 me as they did 4 ur daughter an sister :)
  4. alison

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    what are the injections of? injections of seriquel?

    I'm curious, both as someone who has limited success with oral antidepressants, but also as someone who's really interested in drug delivery from a science standpoint.