Injustice Upon a single mother.

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    My " father" was pretty well off which he own a old insurance company and 2 house. He have a daughter and a son from the past marriage who is 20 - 30 years older then me, yes I have a very old "father".

    He doesn't pay anything for my school outfields and outside activity, it was my mum who is working as a cashier who folk out those money. What kind of men is he.... Fast forward

    When I am 11 years old that all the chaos started . he got a stroke and he was hospitalize. My mother decide to quit her job to take care of him. At first it was all okay, until he was discharge. One day Out of nowhere HE JUST BROUGHT a women to our house. He didnt care about my mum, they end up fighting but my mum always lose. She doesn't have a high education background and still jobless.

    She end up sleeping in my room with me, Every night she cries at a corner trying to drown and mask the sound with a pillow .... My heart hurts like hell hearing her crying every single night for the next few months.

    One day they start to quarrel again that escalate quickly then came the silents.. He went his room, My mum as usual went to my room and quietly cries when I'm asleep.

    The next day, He move out with clothes and important documents without us knowing.....

    My "father" send us a lawyer letter and sued my mum to court for the reason of her endangering his life and forcing him to move out. The final judgement is that we have 10 months to pack up and leave.

    Child support for my mum still pending because They never Officially register for marriage status.

    12 months have past, my mother is still struggling to find a new home

    Then One day his oldest son ( step brother ) came to our house and force open the gates, he called a water technician to shut off our water supply. At that time I didnt know he have the legal rights to do what he like to the house.

    I panicked, In my mind I just wanted to defend my home where I grow up, I took a car spray and sprayed at his eyes trying to chase him out but he went berserk and started to punch me.

    I kick his nuts countless times, but no reaction and we fought until his sister (step sister) stop him and called the police to get me arrest. YES get a 13 year old kid arrested. The police wrote down our statement separately, then my mother took me to hospital. Some light bruise on my chin and cheek

    He took me to COURT.... he got a good lawyer and sued his 13 year old step brother, My mother represent me as I was too young to enter court...we had some help from some non profit lawyers but then we lost again...

    The judge ordered both of us into his office, as it was the first time for me to experience such situation. My legs was shaking but I try to give a tough face.

    My step brother and me standing in front of the judge, He started to talk about about the incident step by step blah blah blah... He then took out the spray i used, reading the compound chemical stating that I might had cause serious injury to his eyes and then he gave me to choice, To apologize or go juvenile rehabilitation. My step brother was giving off that slight grim, as I was scared and my mum cant afford to fight on. I had no choice to to apologize.

    The court gave us 4 more months to move but we have to pay our bills ourselves or they have the rights to cut off the water supply or electricity and my step brother did that, He know my mum cant paid the bills. He went straight for our power box. Dis-activated and sealed off. We survive with candles. Finally my mother got her child support 600 dollars per month, she manage to rent a small flat.

    So that's it We move out, though not well off but rather peaceful. 4 years later, My father died. We got the news 2 weeks after the funeral. But anyway I didnt feel anything we are living our own life's now.

    there are injustice... Is it wrong for a kid to defend his only home he know? Why didnt the court charge my step brother for assaulting a juvenile? just because he have the legal rights to mess around the house? his wife quit her job to take care of him and yet he brought a women into the can it be?

    Oh well Anyway my mum is pretty happy now, so that is good and I'm starting to overcome my problems.

    I swear to myself, I will never allow a women cry and suffer like my mother did and I will never be such a heartless man never.
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    Not making excuses for him, because my son's dad never paid a penny in maintenance and I struggled mightly when he was little, but perhaps the stroke changed his personality? that has been known to happen with any brain injury.
    Your step brother sounds a right nasty piece of work and, I feel, should have been arrested for assaulting a child.
    Happily, you now never have to have anything to do with him and I'm glad both you and your mum are doing well and are finally happy :)
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    well he trick my mother into selling her apartment before they "marry". He asked her to withdraw the money in cash from the bank and pass to him in cash inorder for them to share a house. Due to being all cash, we cant track any evidence to fight back our rights for the house and we lost. He was a very stingy man from the very beginning but just got worst after he recovered from the stroke.

    Well that judge said I attacked him first with a weapon that might blind him. oil lubricant spray WD ... He is pretty well off himself, he did hired a good lawyer to sue me.. But oh well at least I know I will never be such a bad person

    Anyway thanks for reading, I'm sure you are very happy with your son now
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    I am indeed :)

    And I'm glad you are shot off these awful people.
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    Your father was a good man, there is a reason your mother decided to be with him, the issues that have arisen from whatever problems your parents had are given extreme focus because they are what you have seen throughout your life. But I don't think your mother is a fool, and only a fool would be with a man that she does not love or have his child.

    Ultimately what matters is not minor details, what matters is that your mother is happy with her life and that she made the decisions she wanted to make, just like you will do the same when the time comes. In retrospect you will realize that you will make many terrible mistakes, but when you are making them, you will be sure that it is the right thing to do... that is just how life is, you do the best you can but you can never avoid making mistakes. Your mother is not perfect. Your father is not perfect. You are not perfect.

    Don't let these problems of the past weigh you down as you go through life, carrying hatred or malice is a heavy burden that serves no purpose. As for getting sent to a judge... you were wrong to attack your brother, but you did it in the heat of the moment and you are still young, it is normal to be impulsive and not consider the true implications of one's actions. Your feelings were correct, but how you acted on those feelings was too far. You are young, don't worry so much, enjoy life and be happy, your mother wants you to be happy and she will cry if you are not.
    Stay positive!