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    I guess I'm going to start my own thread here. Will I use it? Will it remain blank and empty? Who knows.... I'm on my laptop a whole lot nowadays, and for now it's a good thing, some time though, I may decide to change that.
    A journal, on a forum I really don't know. It's a little scary to me. I started this thread to be able to vent about someone who hurt me, but for now I'll leave that, ya' know, introductory posts, an' all.
    I really have lots to do today. I'd love everyone to comment, reply and just say hi on here. I appreciate knowing that people are actually reading/relating to what I say. Although I don't always appreciate advice. I love hearing others experiences with similar or even completely unrelated stuff, but somehow that's different, when someone tells me what THEY did, then when someone who doesn't know me is telling ME what I should do. I don't know. I'm being defensive already. I'm sorry... maybe I just shouldn't write here, after all.
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    You're fighting losing battles and the war.

    Get out of your head and just write
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    Hey Innocent :) I started a journal a few months back too and it kind of went by the wayside. Maybe I'll start it up again, you've inspired me to remember. Good luck and good journaling.
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    At this fork in the road
    Been standing here
    For so long already
    Between the 2 paths
    On the cliff edge
    One foot over
    One foot on solid ground
    Debating between
    Staying on
    Jumping off
    Feet together now
    On solid ground
    I look over the edge
    The rocks at the bottom
    And turn around
    See the mountain towering
    I step off
    To the shards below
    I climb
    Don't see the footholds
    Or any rope
    Any step I take
    Can always turn around
    Still choose
    The rocks below
    Just step over the edge
    The chasm inviting
    I turn around
    I wanna give
    Climbing a go
    I don't know if I can do it
    Without anyways falling
    Down, down and down
    I don't know
    What lies beyond
    The cliff face I see in front of me
    I don't need to know
    What will be
    Isn't important
    It's only the choice now
    I wanna give
    Climbing a go
    I'm scared of it
    Terrified really
    But it's okay
    I can still try
    Just try
    ive climbing
    A go