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Inpatient Legal Limits

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Hello everyone, this topic is information only.

I am curious as to how long a hospital can hold a suicidal patient against their will in the state of Kentucky, ESPECIALLY if the patient does not have any type of medical coverage. let's say the intake occurs three months after an attempt.

I have read 72 hours, or 3 days, is the legal limits- especially if the patient tells the staff verbally that they are not suicidal (even if they really are), but other resources say that it is up to the doctor as to how long the patient is held. The second resource doesn't sound too believable, as I'm pretty sure the costs to keep a patient, even a day, at a psychiatric facility is pretty outrageous, and most state governments don't want it on their dime.


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What jxdama said.

I wanted to say that there may be program to pay for your stay there, but if not, I really don't know what else to say. :(


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If they believe you are a danger to yourself or others they can hold you indefinitely. It's cheaper to have you in a psych ward than either an ER or a prison.

72 hour observations are typical, however, but not the legal limit.
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