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    I am a member here, but I can't say who I am because I'm ashamed. I think I may be completely losing my mind. I'm extremely paranoid, every time I come on here I have a panic attack. I think people are watching what I do online, that almost everyone is involved in a conspiracy to drive me insane and make me kill myself. I think they may have put something in my ear and it's burrowing into my brain. My thoughts race, it's hard to control them. They start to spin out of control and I start to feel dizzy, like the world has tilted and horizontal becomes vertical. Then it's like I black out and I wake up hours later or somewhere I dont remember going. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm afraid to go outside, I'm afraid to talk to anyone. I don't know who I can trust. I can't sleep, I don't want to eat. This pain my head keeps getting worse and worse, and I can feel something moving around in there. I'm losing control, please help me. I don't even remember writing half of this.
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    Sounds like you have a serious problem...such paranoia means you need to talk to a doc or someone I think.
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    What you're going through sounds like (and I'm not any doctor) anxiety and paranoia, agitation and the blacking out may be dissociation. The feeling that there's something in your ear and burrowing into your brain feels very real and is frightening. But your mind is just under a whole lot of stress at the moment and is interpreting things in a slightly altered way. Maybe you have a headache which accounts for the pain in your head?


    Are you in contact with a counsellor or a psychiatrist, someone in the professional area you feel you can trust a little? Do you live with anyone that you can confide in and who will take you to a doctor? If you can't talk, will printing your post out and handing it to them be easier? Nobody will hurt you or kill you but maybe it would help to talk about why you think they would because maybe you've been hurt a lot recently? Has anything happened recently that has scared you a lot? If being online is stressing you then I recommend just shutting the computer off.

    Again, I recommend that you let someone know in real life about what is happening because there are medications you can take that will help your mind slow down and rest for a while. You're under a lot of stress.
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