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    Man! Why are some people so insensitive? Long story short, I got into an argument with my older brother earlier over a remark he made that I didn't necessarily find when I tried to open up to ppl about how I felt, all they could say to me was that I was being "pre-teen", overreacting too much and that I "need a thicker skin" does that help anything?!!! Why, when I feel pretty low and sh***y about myself, do I just get a load of unnecessary guff about toughening up and snapping out of it? Are these people blind?!!!! It's not that simple to just get a "thicker skin" when you have such a crappy outlook on life and other people! And believe me, it takes a lot for me to open up to people like this...unloading all my personal problems. Just makes me question my faith in others.....maybe I WON'T open up or pour my heart out to anyone if that's all I get!

    I give up!
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    Yeah I used to be teased by adults for being too 'sensitive' and a 'hormonal teenager'..nevermind I was self harming, starving, and everyone treated me like a weird girl all through my adolescence, with aunts belittling me etc, nah, it was just me being 'hormonal' and not the result of years of abuse that is easily swept under the carpet because it's just easier to sweep bad things under the carpet.
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    Faith in others?

    wtf is that
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    It is still a bit taboo for men to show emotions, unfortunately. I read in some book that men are actually more emotional than women but hold their emotions in because it would be quite dangerous to let them show, or something to that effect. Not sure if I agree with that, but it could be true.
    I don't know what the exact nature of your problems are, but you must change your outlook on people, otherwise you're not likely to get what you want out of them. People are people, no-one's perfect, people will let you down but in general a lot of people are pretty decent, just it's easier to focus on the people that aren't.
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    after a while, you will begin to understand that talking dosnt help in most cases. things physically need to change for your emotions and thoughts to change.