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i am feelinf fliping A great today...i am inlove, with life and all thing s wgood around me...but i am scared as well...will it last? i ask my self...or will i fall just that much harder...i am hoping this storm is over for now and i can start to pick up the pieces of my shatered life...allas only time shall tell but i am going to enjoy this ride as long as i can....
glad to see your in such a good mood! :biggrin: The key to happiness is being able to get straight back up after being knocked down, and try and climb as higher than you was before you got knocked down, and with time you will get to the top and nothing can knock you down, and your'll feel on top of the world. But remember the higher you are the further you fall, but if you want happiness that bad your'll get up and fight for it and eventually you will get the happiness you deserve. Hold on to the happiness you have now and never let go, sometimes it may feel like its being torn away from you but fight for what is rightfully yours. Make sure you do this and happiness will come to you :hug:

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