Inside My Head

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    God has left
    Your angels crying
    Your world is dying
    No one here to save your skin

    Why are you trying?
    It's all just in vain
    We're all just drops in the rain
    Falling, shattering, dying

    I can't take this no more
    No escape, when will it stop?
    I wanna run, I don't know where
    I think I'm better off dead

    They won't get out of my head
    These feelings that keep me to the ground
    Did I deserve to be alone?
    Don't wanna live like this no more

    I built this concrete wall inside my head
    Locked all my feelings away, I feel dead
    No one believes me
    No one understands
    I keep pretending
    Ashamed to tell the truth

    I wonder if there's anybody out there
    Someone who understands
    Someone who cares
    Someone who accepts me the way I am
    Someone whom I can tell my deepest secrets
    Someone who won't run away
    Someone who saves me
    Someone who loves me
    I only need a friend
    Is that too much to ask?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.