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  1. riz

    riz Senior Member

    Just some things I've scribbled down.

    Wanted to give them a home.

    Tell me what you think. Comments appreciated.


    Is that you?
    I turn around to greet a face I know but don't recognize.

    You aren't there.
    For a reason I don't understand, I miss you now.

    We fell apart.
    My chest gets heavy everytime I see your face.

    It isn't you.
    I dream of your visit, hoping that you'll soon fulfill it.

    You don't come.
    I wish right now that you'd return to what you always were to me.

    Only in dreams.

    I'll keep it short...

    safety pins
    give up
    white flag
    secret smiles
    abstract pain
    radio turned up
    drowning in lyrics
    sleep forever

    Thoughts Unheard

    Is it wrong to want to be held?
    To be cradled endlessly by someone I love?
    Is it weird to want to simply lighten someone's day by existing?
    I want to feel wanted and needed by someone.
    I need to feel care and compassion from someone I adore.
    Is it strange to feel empty because what you want isn't there?
    Would you think of me differently if what I needed was you?

    Fooled You Again

    You would never think it was me.
    If you heard about a girl absorbed in her own destruction,
    you'd swear, it wasn't me.
    A girl that sliced at her own skin for release--
    nope, not her.
    A girl who stabbed mercilessly at her own arms
    because if she didn't, she'd kill herself.
    A girl so obsessed with blemishes
    that she would pick away at her face until it bled...
    you've never met her.
    A girl that, more than once,
    has eaten herself into submission
    so to stifle the screams in her head.
    A girl so desperately trying
    to hide the scars and burn marks
    with long-sleeve shirts and smiles
    because then you'll never recognize her kind.
    You would never think it was me...
    but you thought wrong.

    I've seen this one before...

    I would beg on my knees,
    so you would come back,
    but, I'm not so sure that you would.

    I would stop all my crying,
    if you would come back,
    but I'm not so sure you would want to.

    I would sell my soul,
    so you would come back,
    but, I'm not so sure you would care.

    I could be your best friend,
    if you would come back,
    but I'm not so sure you would.

    "I wish morning would never come so that I don't have to face another shitty day."
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  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I like your style of writing riz. Keep posting and sharing with us.
  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I like that you can express your feelings in words... that's what poetry is, after all, and sometimes I think that if we couldn't express our feelings they'd just implode inside us, doing horrible damage.:sad: Keep posting!:smile:

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