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Insomnia 4:39am

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I took the maximum dose of pills for my insomnia and they are not working tonight.

What is wrong with me ?
I am in vacation, so where is the stress that causes me not to sleep ?



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The night is my friend, hate days, nothing wrong, stop taking those pills, hit some excurses or do something mentally and physically tiring.
I also had trouble sleeping ):
i kept having worries run through my head when everything was quiet and i couldn't stop them...
I'm not sure if it works for all but i found it easier to sleep if there's a repetitive sound in my room (like the buzzing of a fan or even a Buddhist mantra chant), i just focus on listening to it repeat over and over in my head and i'm asleep.


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i wish we lived in a world that was more accommodating to people adapted to the night. would sure make things easier. if you could go shopping, pay bills and do other things at night i am sure a lot of people would be better off. sleep all days and then do your work and chores all night. it would be nice.
"people adapted to the night" i agree. i cant live in sunlight.. im not a wampire but night is the mood for me.

i wish my work and my life was based on night.. ok i dont need a coffin on daylight but some darkness woulndt be bad at all.
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