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insomnia is returning- Im scared

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I know my insomnia is returning, im sleeping worse and worse each night. when i stop sleeping i fail in school then i feel like a failure for not being able to sleep and sort myself out.

And now i can't help feeling depressed when its all still under control, because i know what is to come. i feel so helpless and out of control, and the doctors never seem to understand :'-(


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whenever i see my GP i just cant explain, im sorta ashamed how much effect it has, i always play in down and i dont know why- its so stupid.


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whenever i see my GP i just cant explain, im sorta ashamed how much effect it has, i always play in down and i dont know why- its so stupid.
You still feel there is a social stigma perhaps?

Either way, your GP has heard it all before - and he or she will obviously know how a lack of sleep can affect studies.

What you need to do is write out a small note explain your problems with sleep and when you go to the GP's, tell him you wrote something down as your nervous sometimes in explaining things. They will happy you did that.

Don't keep this to yourself - you need sleep and especially when at school. The doctor can prescribe sleeping tablets to help when you are struggling - but you also need to do other things to make sure your insomnia is not being encouraged by your lifestyle, what you eat, what you drink and so on.

You need a nice dark room to sleep in - bedrooms now are entertainment rooms and maybe this sometimes makes sleep difficult. All the things you might have plugged in - turn them all off as even those little lights they have can put you off sleep.

Always turn off any heating whilst you sleep. Sleeping in a nice cool room encourages a nicer sleep - a window open and a bit of fresh air getting in leaves you refreshed as your body can get enough oxygen.

Don't drink anything with caffeine in it after 6-7.00 pm - this includes soft drinks. Caffeine has a life of four hours in our systems.

A nice hot shower an hour or so before bed will relax you - and sleep is better when we're clean and fresh.

Wash bedsheets on a regular basis - also 'air' your sheets every week or so - this helps for a nice sleep when your blankets are nice and fresh.

PS - sometimes I had to actually stay up all night to 'recalibrate' my body clock - but this is from an adult perspective, and at times I'm engaged on some project which might keep me up all night. At those times, if its 7-8.00am or something insane - I'll just stay up - grab a shower and do whatever has to be done.

Funny thing is - even staying up all day there are times I still struggle the next night and may be still up at 3.00am lol. I'm used to it though and can always 'power sleep' at the weekend.

Anyhow, I've never used sleeping tablets myself.
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