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    Don't have a long rant about it or anything. I'm too tired to rant, but I do feel like I'm going slowly crazy from the lack of sleep I've been suffering from these past 6 months. The most sleep I can get every night is 2-5 hours...and I've not had a full 8 hours of sleep since early Feb. My mind is foggy and dull and I feel on edge/full of anxiety constantly. It's made my depression 1000x worse too and I'm going on anti-depressants soon. Can anyone relate?
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    Hi there, I can relate. I used to suffer from insomnia until I was prescribed sleeping pills which work wonders. :hug: I know its horrible and makes you feel like you're going crazy but with the help from professionals you can get it under control.
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    There's also a possibility - if you have caffeine in your diet (I myself used to drink 5+ cups of coffee per day - and my sleep wasn't that good), that can affect it too. But as *music* said - professional help can be useful.

    If you lack exercise, that could be another reason - you're not wearing your body out physically to the point of needing to sleep.

    But these are generally a couple of first noted pointers - I might be suggesting things you've tried.
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    the only thing that annoys me about lack of sleep is getting my days mixed up.

    nothing worse than thinking it's saturday- and do thing you'd usually do at the weekend, and then later on get a huge shock to your system and find out it's wednesday or something.

    that's happened to me countless times- and has caused some pretty embarrassing moments