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  1. the_nihilist_reason

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    New kind of thread (or so I think).
    I call it:
    Beautiful place now.

    Anyone who feels like it can post a picture, video, drawing, story, postcard, link or whatever to a beautiful or otherwise appealing place that they think others would enjoy travel to, or just to look at, dream about, or just to have something else to think about for a while. :smile:
    The point is really to inspire, but it would be nice if was from around the same time someone post it as well, since it would make us remember or see how life is elsewhere right now.
    But this rule is expected to be broken. :laugh:
    Make a long post or short, it makes no difference, comment if you like.

    Alright, let's travel!
  2. the_nihilist_reason

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    This one is from Tromsø, Norway. They are three 24 hour time lapse videos taken from the University of Tromsø.
    A city of midnight sun, :cool: or no sun at all during the mid winter weeks. :cold:

    (Right click and "save target as")
    Here is from January 13, 16, and 23, this year. (Playing with colours.) (Playing with colours and a few minutes more of daylight.) (With the sun teasing the poor citizens.)
    The start site, just in case:

    And the Wiki:ø

    Yes, it is really really far north. :biggrin:
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    I like this forum, I think I'll stick to this area and hopefully become happy dude
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    here's three cliffs bay in the gower, near swansea where i used to live. its the most beautiful beach i can imagine, although this picture doesn't do it justice. at the top of a cliff is the castle ruins, and if you're lucky, some wild horses that hang around up there. then you walk along a flat valley between the cliffs where the river meanders through a big green meadow with trees and again, the occasional horse, before it curls through the sandy beach in a shallow clear ribbon that you can wade through to get to the actual sea.
    basically, its amazing.

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