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    Ok, so I was just watching the film 'Rocky Balboa', and something just got me, the bit where Rocky and Robert are having an argument in the middle of the street, and Rocky says to Robert:

    How very true, and kinda scary...kinda like myself really when I think about parents used to believe that I could do anything, but I too lost my way, and when things didn't go exactly as planned, I blamed other people for my misfortunes...and still do to this day in fact. Also, when he talks about 'how much you can take, and keep moving forward', that one's a real eye opener...I hear about some people on here who've been battling 10+ years of depression, and the very fact that those people are still here, as much as they're suffering, is pretty amazing, and shows how strong they are IMO. Dunno about anyone else but it makes me feel better about still being here myself. Just remember, no matter how hard life hits us, we must keep moving forward.

    Kinda gives me the motivation to go out and do something really daring today :biggrin: