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    Okay let me put a small introduction here... please do read it out before deciding to watch the video or not.

    Emilie Autumn is a singer, I guess she could be described as a gothic victorian singer if that makes sense. She loves history and she has sort of incorporated that into her entire ensemble. The first part of the video explains that bit, but what I'm aiming at here is the second part of the video mostly, and why I think she could be an inspiration for all of us.

    She's a very giften musician with loads of talent. she plays harpsichord, (electric) violin, she sings, she writes poetry and has written a (partly autobiograpical) book, she plays classical pieces, and so on so on.
    Thing about her is.. she's bipolar, has attempted suicide in the past, has been 'locked up in an asylum' (psych ward) as she says herself. And basically the basic line of her music story is that she compares the way the asylums were in the victorian ages to nowadays, and how (especially for girls) it hasn't really changed that much... Now from about 15:00 min onwards, she talks about suicide etc and i think this is something you all should see and really listen to what she says.

    To me, she's one of the most inspiring people in the world and I've been to two of her concerts and want to go to more, really. I adore her and what she stands for and I honestly think that many of you could really appreciate her. Maybe not her music, as that really isn't everybody's kind of music so to say, but what she stands for and what she represents.. I think many of you will feel that what she says hits home.

    Let me warn you, it's a 30 min video, but trust me, it's worth watching:

    PS - she would really fit in here on the forums.. haha
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