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    I was inspired by something i saw on tv today and want to share. It was a story about a 9yr old boy who sadly died in oct but the inspiring thing was he had a tumour on the brain which was inoperable and he knew he was going to die so he made friendship braclets and sold them and made half a million pounds for charity to help other children with cancer. The show took him to lap land last yr and on his list he wrote "i would like my tumour to go,but i know it won't so next on my list is a bike" I was in tears as i realised what a special little bot he had been. It also showed the day of his funeral which made the news where hundreds of ppl turned out to see him off. It made me stop and think about what had i done with my life and also that my life wasn't that bad. He had an incurable disease but all he thought about was other children. Not many 9yr olds would do that and even less adults. So when i feel down i am going to try and remember him and hopefully it will help me make something of my life.
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    lancas.. have a good christmas.. yes this 9 yr old was something truly special.. there are some people who car about the other one.. thank goodness