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    This thread could be a famous person, or someone close to you, someone who has been through a lot and lived through it.

    For me (and I REALLY wouldn't recommend anyone sensitive look up this case) is Cornelius Abraham. He had a terrible childhood and was a witness to his brother's murder when he was eight.

    This man is has now made a career out of computer science, he refused to give up on life despite his horrific childhood. He is quoted as saying "good can come from bad" and has a special award named after him, the "Cornelius Abraham Award" - It’s awarded to give other abuse victims hope and desire to survive.

    This man has been through so much tragedy and horror and yet he works to give other people hope. He inspires me because if there was ever any proof needed that you can get over anything in this world, this man is it.

    Again, I seriously wouldn't look up this case, it's one of the worst child abuse cases in American history, but the fact that this young boy grew into such a wonderful human being after witnessing the murder of his brother...there is hope for all of us.

    Thank you for reading :)
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    I have seen this person interviewed and I agree...for me, the person who inspired me was my maternal grandmother...a simple Prussian woman, who could not write English well, but whose dignity and sense of fairness gave her an illumination that I will never forget...and my friend Bob...he was the perfect person...kind, soulful, handsome and wanted only that I was happy and well...when he died, his soul was at peace, something rarely seen
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