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  1. Hey, quick question regarding seeing any kind of specialist for help with anything relating to depression... what's the deal with cost vs. insurance and stuff? Is it just depending on your insurance? or is there no way insurance convers it and it's out of pocket?

    Just curious :unsure:

    Thanks :)
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    I have very little knowledge about this stuff but my dad's heath insurance covers my psychologists visits a bit. Without insurance, each visit would be $100+ but with the insurance, its $32 per visit.
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    all insurance coverage differs plan to plan but usually there is a set number of visits per year they will pay to see a shrink/therapist... some insurance copanies require tht you get approval first... you will have to read your plan or call the company....
  4. oh ok thanks..

    arrg. Ok, this could make things confusing.... thanks for your help
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