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Intense exercise works

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I highly suggest trying it if you haven't. Do some intense exercising; weight lifting, jogging for a long distance, aerobics, sports, etc. I've been doing 20-30 minutes on an exercise bike, then going into body weights (situps, chinups, pushups, whatever). I feel completely worn out and tired, sweaty after, but it feels fantastic. For a while afterwards, the depression is almost completely gone. Its sometimes hard to get the motivation to start, but its worth it.


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Even mild exercise is helpful - I always feel better after taking my dog for a walk for a half hour or so. No running, just a leisurely stroll around the block. It helps, and especially so if the sun is out!:smile:

Yeah when you exercise more, you will feel better. Because your brain makes this fluent or whatever it is, that gives you a satisfied happy feeling. And when you exercise more, you dont need that much of this. So that will make you happier. I think...lol...:unsure:
Yup right on it does work I noticed that I don't feel as sad as much as I used to about a month ago because of weight lifting, biking, and doing other excercises intensely even if it does cause pain I think its worth it and is worth trying.:smile:


I agree. I just joined a local gym :showoff: after a lay-off of about 10 months. My muscles hurt !!!


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it is proven that exercise helps reduce stress and is good for the depressed. it helps cheer them up. i usually run when i feel depressed it makes me feel better.
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