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Interesting concept on self forgiveness

So I belong to a group where people have accidentally caused the death of another human being (my event requiring self forgiveness was not that serious). Anyways, all of these folks struggle with forgiving themselves..some for many years. One was not an accidental death but as the result of driving drunk. So a pastor, who hi,self,caused,an accidental death, spoke last night and said, ‘yes, you may have done something intentional, but you didn’t intentionally mean it to hurt someone‘....that defined me and what I did as what I now refer to as my bipolar moment. It helped me a little...I just to now digest it.


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I believe most people have good intentions; when the memory of your failure comes to you I think you need to switch that thought to something good you did. You never intended to hurt anyone, it was a simple mistake brought on by raging emotions.
Living with guilt can kill you inside @MosesY.

I like your thinking about switching gears. I had a therapist that said when you say, "I should've or shouldn't have........." you are really shitting all over yourself..to put it bluntly.


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Good for you to hear the words of the Pastor and glad that it gave you thought about things. Forgiving yourself is the first, huge step that you can only take alone.


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Having a living nightmare with forgiveness for my past ,there's no one on the planet that I hate more than myself .Its recently clicked that I have been recreating rejection and abandonment all my life ,my EGO will get me,my own brain wants dead.no way are we born equal in our physiology to cope with stress .


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This all sounds so difficult and emotionally tough and I'm so sorry anyone is going through periods of guilt and self loathing. I understand and hope and pray you can see past any self loathing; regret and penance are one thing but refusal to forgive, especially yourself is so difficult and hard on your emotions. Thoughts and prayers!


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