Interesting insights about suicide, meds and after suicide.

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  1. Trident

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    I dont know if this belongs to here, so if not, mods please move the thread.
    Here are some videos I found interesting, and not judgmental, but I could be wrong.
    Since my bro suicide, been obsessed with suicide signs, awareness, meds and suicidial issues.
    I hope this can somehow help and highlight things you already know I think but still..


    + As it says, 5000 individuals in Ireland will take their lives in 2008.
    this video quickly interviews an attempter, survivors, a researcher, a clergy man and a politician

    This american video discusses the controversy over anti depressants pushing to suicide. Shocking but very interesting.

    To my Irish friends :tongue:This video features a wonderful couple who runs a house to help for free suicidial people, after having lost their son to suicide.
    The house in Ireland is open 7-7 24 hours and its free. they also want to raise awareness among politicians and professionals.

    Whats left after suicide, SURVIVORS testimonies
    I sometimes dont agree, about her judgment about suicidial people not knowing they will leave grief behind. Ive been there so..

    Triggering. Failed Gunshot Wound suicide Attempt, a suicide pact that went wrong.

    Shrinks speak about their suicidial patients

    Shocking but awesome video
    you have the choice to live or die.

    Optimistic plea against suicide

  2. famous.last.words

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    Thank you so much for these videos, i will be looking trough them all today and giving you my views, i hope others will do the same :)
  3. Trident

    Trident Active Member

    hey Katie,

    No problem, I hope you will like what you see.
    Ill be online in a few, hope to talk with ya

    Hugs, Hugs
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