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interfering mother...

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by KimKim, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. KimKim

    KimKim Well-Known Member

    i lost a few kilo...maybe 6 or so. (from about 65 to under 60kg)
    But my mother is already annoying me that I was getting to thin and that i eat to little...i mean: I don´t even have the slightest hint of something like underweight!
    I also don't intend to end up there. My dream-weight is about 53kg which would be completely healthy...I´m just do fed up that she is always interfering herself into my eating habits, my weight, if my cloths are becoming to wide! -.-''
    I wanted to become a little slimmer and just be happy...but now that I´m on the way to my dream-body, I have to wonder "how will i ever again become happy after this?"
  2. RayAnn

    RayAnn New Member

    Then just do it. that's what im doing. my mom will get used to it, hopefully
  3. klove

    klove New Member

    OMG! I know what you mean. My parents keep annoying me about how I don't eat enough and they're all "SHE'S ON A DIET!" to EVERYONE ALL THE TIME! It annoys the crap out of me. It's like, if I don't eat junk food all the time then I'm unhealthy? Can't they be HAPPY I'm trying not to gorge myself on all the chips and crap that they do?
  4. KimKim

    KimKim Well-Known Member

    well for me it got to a point where I'm thankfull that she cares so much about me...
    I thouht she was overacting but as you may have read from other posts I actually DID develop an eating disorder. Since I opened this tread I have lost another 6 kilo.
    A few gramms more and am finally underweight...
    I go to see a psycologist weekly. It's hard to stop losing once you got so used to it...
    But I think it's better to start now than to wait untill I have to go to hospital or somthing...Now I won't have to gain durring my recovery what will make it a lot easier for me...
  5. me myself and i

    me myself and i Account Closed

    I'm a Dad, i would have concerns if my daughter's weight was dropping, or my sons for that matter too.
    Because i love them.
    " A few gramms more and finally underweight" this would worry me greatly.
    Because of the dangers of addiction to dieting and where it can lead.
    Mums and Dads will always worry about this, its just how it is, as you yourself have said, its because they care.
    Sit down with mum, talk with her, compromise works well with parents, trust me, i know!
    If you give a little and try to take the same, life may become easier.
    Dunno, just my thoughts.
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