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    I've got lots of time today
    and none's for sleep, 'cause I'm not sleepy
    I've got a half a mind to stay
    if you've got half a mind to keep me

    Listen, the thing is, it's all tied up
    And very tightly, nice and neatly
    And if I open it and stuff...
    well, then it's not tied up, you see?

    If it's not tied up then it's not neat
    And if it's not neat then it's not pretty
    And if it's not pretty, who really wants it
    and isn't just acting out of pity?

    And if no one wants it, no one gets it
    If no one gets it, no one has
    And if no one has it, let's admit it
    It's all alone and always was

    If it's alone, then it's sadder
    than it's ever been before
    And if it's sadder, then it's useless
    'Cause what's lower than the floor?

    And if it's useless, what's the point?
    If there's no point, why stick around?
    Why not cease the frills of disappointment and
    move to 6-feet under ground?

    Next time you wonder why I shut you out
    It's 'cause I don't wanna taint perfection
    If I could, I'd voice, bitch and shout
    but bottling's better than your rejection.
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    What is { IT}?
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    I think someone showing vulnerability and emotion is beautiful. Life's not about being perfect, nothing is perfect and imperfection is beautiful as well. And if a person rejects you for showing how you feel inside, they're not right for you in the first place. They'll be somehow out there who loves everything about you, who you truly are inside.
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