International Approach a Shy Guy Day

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    An international day? Really? That would be cool but I think that this should be more of a 'Spread the word and go for it when you want' thing. My reasoning behind this is that people would know you think they're love-shy if you approach them on that day, which could prove embarasing. I think something should be done though.
  3. aoeu

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    Yeah, I was concerned that it might make for some awkwardness... I was thinking of ways to "get the word out" and this idea popped into my head. The whole thing seems such a damn shame. :(
  4. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member about an international day for shy people to cross their own barriers and approach someone else?

    Having a day for people to approach a shy person might be tricky, actually...
    Some people who might seem shy may not even speak your language. I can see it making for some very awkward and possibly dangerous situations.

    One way to make an international day- or something close to is- is by getting someone popular to join a group for it on facebook. XD
    All of their friends join; then soon there's thousands of people on it and it's broadcast on the news.
    Sure it's a long shot... but I've seen it happen before.
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    What about girls? I know it mentions that Gilmartin "doubts" that females feel the same negative effects as men, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we find it any easier. You've also got to remember that not only could it be hard for people to identify and find the courage themselves to talk to a 'love-shy guy' but even if they did approach such a person, that doesn't mean that anything will come of it or the person will have anything positive to say (they could become the butt of jokes and taunts).

    Most people don't really pay much attention to international days.. I only really know about/bother with the main holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween.
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    Yeah I think Man Up/Cow Boy up/Just do it/Grow some Balls Day would be a more proactive approach. Do you really want to have a day were people come up to you just because its your day? It could turn against you, people playing tricks just to crush people. I think it would be more empowering (as a recovering shy guy myself) to set a day where we are like "OORAH GET SOME!" Whether it be approaching that cute girl (or guy) you like or just making conversation with strangers and trying to meet new friends.
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    Yeah, I'm not a man/don't have balls because of crippling social anxiety. Fuck you too.

    And the thought is to improve awareness of love shyness, which results from the one-sided standards of our society when it comes to dating.
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    Raising the awareness of love-shyness sounds like a good idea, although having the guy go and approach people instead would probably be a better way to do it. Maybe he could wear a T-shirt about the day when he does it or something. To be honest though, I'm pretty much in the same boat as mcviking. Probably because I'm ignorant about how bad severe social anxiety can be but I have a hard time taking someone seriously when they say they can't do something in a social situation. It just looks like a problem they're choosing not to address because it's too hard. I mean, again, I can see this post is oozing ignorance and realize there's much more to the condition, but I think a day where guys(and girls) try to overcome their fears themselves would make people respond more positively to the issue.
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    Its just a figure of speech. I didn't intend my comment to be painful, I just mean how are you supposed to know who is a shy person or not? And its clear you didn't read the rest of my reply...I think trying to over come the shyness would be alot better in the long haul then one random day a year where some random strangers have awkward conversations with people that may or may not be shy.
  10. down-and-maybeout

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    it's a nice idea but i doubt it would ever work; in my experience women don't give a toss about the quiet shy guys, it's the loud mouthed bad boy types they're interested in - i fit into the "love shy" category and take it from me, all any woman is interested in doing with someone like me is using him for her entertainment, hurting him and spitting him out

    sorry to be so negative but i've been really badly hurt and more than once and i don't think i will ever be anything but "love phobic" again in my life
  11. PiecesMended

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    Actually I prefer shy guys. Why would I want to date an ass? I don't get why some other girls go for 'bad guys' it's sickeningly pathetic. I'm quite shy too and I'd rather have someone on the same social wave-length as me.
  12. 1112222

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    Amusingly enough during my last two years of high school I had a ton of girls swooning at my feet because I gave off unintentional bad boy vibes.
  13. down-and-maybeout

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    well apparently an "ass" is more exciting
    romance is a boring concept, or so girls keep telling me!

    not to wish to argue, but that's what most girls say right before they dump their shy guy in favour of a badass

    i don't mean to diss you personally, but i'm afraid i've had far too much experience with girls to believe this kind of talk - it normally ends up being just some b.s. to get what they want out of a guy before ditching him - don't get me wrong, i would like to believe you, i just can't and never will believe a girl who says this stuff any more