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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by OutCaste, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. OutCaste

    OutCaste Well-Known Member

    i came here with a lot of hope and all but right now i am really depressed and suicidal. life is just too tough here and with all my past baggage, its getting worse every second..i have seriously considered suicide for about a month and i cannot find the courage to do it..<mod edit-gentlelady-methods> but what scares me the most is that i may survive and become paralyzed for life..thats actually worse considering the medical expenses here in america or anywhere for that matter..there is nothing that motivates me anymore to continue this sad and pathetic existence..

    i am sorry if i don't come across very clearly because my mind is very cluttered right now and i wanted to write something here for a long time but couldn't find any time because of my busy schedule.
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  2. Stranger1

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    Hey Outcaste,
    Where are you from? What are you taking in school? Why is your schedule so busy? Just trying to get a little more info so I know what I am talking about!
    Why are you so down? You would think you would enjoy going to school here! I know I never would make it thru school. I am to damn old. I tried a home schooling thing but I would have to read chapters over and over just to retain a little of them. I guess all the drugs I did in the late 60's up thru the 90's, has alot to do with my cocentration. Don't give up on school, go see a counselor at school and talk to them about your problems.
    Take Care of Yourself!!~Joseph~
  3. dazzle11215

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    would you consider talking to someone at the student health services? there are lots of supports out there when you are experiencing mental health problems, you might be surprised at the support that is available to you. it's terrible to suffer these feelings alone.
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