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Im not sure if Im addicted to the internet, but I seem to be on here an awful lot, and achieving very little. The problem seems to be that ill keep going over sites again and again.


- - ill check that out at least 5 times a day...gawd knows why, twice would be well sufficient
- Email - ya heaps of people over do the email checking....for some its an obsessional, impulsive. For me its at least half a dozen times a day
- This site :) - probably 3 or 4 times a day easy...looking at new posts.
- care2 - Again 4 or 5 times a day..and instaed of just committing to a few actions, ill do 1 here and 1 there....and 1 there again
- porn - mmm probably once a day thank god, but still thats too much

Basically its just like these 5 sites atm...and as a result SOOO much wasted time, not actually doing anything like posting, replying to emails, chatting or signing petitions. Just surfing around...

Has anyone successfully managed to really focus in on the time they spend online? Visit the sites they like once a day and thats it, or twice at most. Check email twice (morning and evening) at most? A time audit would be pretty scary.

I found this software for planning and to/do lists and I hope it keeps me focused.

All I need now is too take up WoW again or another online game, and the internet would be my life...thats a really sad state of affairs though.


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MJ what ever you do, avoid WOW. It has effectively ruined my sons' life.
He hasn't left the house in 2 years, he doesn't wash, his bedroom is like the coucil dump, he's got fat and obsessive.
He lives for the damn game and the game has stolen his life.

Don't worry too much about the surfing, I know I do it, it fills the hours.
I think when our minds are in a better place we won't feel so compelled to do it.

one day at a time hun, one day at a time.
MJ what ever you do, avoid WOW. It has effectively ruined my sons' life.
Yes I agree. I have a friend who plays WOW. He does it ALL DAY, all the time. This summer he only went out with us 2 times!! And even on those two times, all he talked about was WOW. And he talkes in WOW terms, I can barely understand him.
I am sorry to hear about your son's situation Devastated. :hug:


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I found with online games as time went on, my time with them overall become less. Consider this timeline

1) Ultima Online - 3 1/2 years
2) Anarchy Online - Almost A Year
3) Horizons - About 6 months
4) Sage Of Ryzom - 1 month
5) WoW - mmm about 8 months I think, not 100% on it

During that time ive had month long breaks from games, and come back, the only game I played hardcore consistantly was first true love lol

All online games have the potential to be addictive, WoW is just the latest in a long line..I missed the whole Everquest boat...but plenty of people were addicted to that as well. What makes WoW so addictive is the large community and just the quality of the game itself..which is extremely high. Theres no doubting its the best online game atm.

Its terrible whats happened to your son Devastated, its becoming increasingly common. WoW allows people to escape into a virtual world in which they can be king, they can be compete with others, they can perhaps communicate with others easier than they can in RL, and its genuinely fun, there is a sense of achievement..albeit temporary....These games have a lot of appealing qualities. Thats why WoW has over 5 million subscribers after all.

You know why ive gradually run down my addiction to the point where I havent played anything for 12 months? I just realised its kind of pointless, all that time spent on virtual character which can be deleted at a drop of hat. Aside from being able to sell your account for a few hundred dollars, it isnt REAL and tangable, You dont actually get to walk around in that armor or swing that sword. I just think my love affair with them ran its course....perhaps your sons affair with them is also coming to an end...I hope so.

The only reason I consider going back is perhaps to help others "contain" there habit, and out of boredom...
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Well said. Yeah I have no life so im buying a new comp to play games woot. Im going to try and lose weight too thought obesity causes so much problems.


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I think blood circulation and blood pressure are the two problems to watch out for as a gamer. Basically its not healthy to be stimulated, and excited playing a game while your sitting down plays havoc with your blood pressure in particular. Weight gain can also be a problem...but if anything, most gamers go the other way...they dont eat enough, and what they do eat is fast and easy junk food. There to busy focused on the game to eat and prepare something decent.

Ive lost more weight than ive gained over the years.


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Bah im doing it again..wasting an entire day on the net basically. Mmm I need to break the back of this beast..The day before yesterday, I was out the entire day...but then I guess I had a purpose that day.


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Life is retarded, I have an IQ of 120... college is for elitist bastards...

So I play games...

I could be playing chess instead of doing something productive...

I'm not making your cure to cancer I'm getting level 75 and an uber sword!

We all die, face the deletion of our efforts, making art and playing an online game are equally futile. One day the great wall of china will be destroyed, and many people devoted their entire lives to its construction. To each their own poison.


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There is a ideology that individually we are part of a larger integrated system. So ones life is not so much what they do with it, but how they did what they do with it. That is probably what matters to us most on an individual level.

Or more precisely it is yours to live and if you paint the tapestry of the universe red with even just one pixel thats what you have done. That is part of what we all are. We share the same canvas.

So what I said about great works of art or spending your lives playing video games being futile is incorrect. It is only futile on a personal level if one does not believe in what one is doing. Your actions will have a positive or negative effect on everything forever.

On that note if you feel the need to get away from the internet and do something like save us all from ourselves. I wish you luck. I certainly need to be saved from being negative all the time.


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addiction all fuels an addictive personality

it could come in the form of smoking/drinking/drugs/valium whatever

its all addictions that gives you a nerve to look at yourself seriously


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I first found computers at work in retail circa 1980's. Very basic. Soon, I had to have one to run the business I managed-database,spreadsheet etc. Then I was given one to run my own biz, and got addicted-11 to 18 hours a day on dial-up. No good-clients/friends get busy signal figure I'm wankin. Nowadays, sometimes it's good for company and to keep a journal on, news, tunes etc.
I do believe that being on too long for no good reason can and does cause damage simply because it becomes an obsession. All things are OK in moderation, including moderation. Wisdom of the village idiot. That and $20 will buy you a cup of coffee.:unsure:


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Duno if I was say an internet addict, but I love my WoW, I got myspace I go on alot to talk to friends I have who live far away, then I got my porn, and with as littel as I get out, it can be a blessing
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