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  1. William

    William Banned Member - A song by MC Lars called Internet Relationships. - The lyrics to the abovementioned song.

    Be careful with whom one communicates on the Internet. The person with whom one communicates is possibly primarily dishonest with one. The person might be lying to one about very important aspects of the life of the person, such as the age, gender, or given name of the person. How does one knows that the person to whom one is talking is being genuine? Internet relationships are potentially dangerous, because the person with whom one is interacting might be a sexual abuser, child sexual offender, murderer, or a serial murderer. There are a large number of people who use the Internet, seeking for companionship, who are very emotionally or psychologically vulnerable, especially many or most people who are members of this Internet forum.

    There is a person who is a member of this Internet forum, whom I deem as a friend, and I think she is being generally dishonest with me. My problem with her is serious, because she and I have been friends for nearly five years. We have never met each other personally, but we are very intimate with each other. I consider her an excellent friend, but I think she is lying to me about most of the things she has typed to me. I am suspicious of her, because not only is she a very good friend, she seems "perfect." I am not going to explain what I mean by the word "perfect." There is an adage that states this: "if it sounds too good to be true, then, it is not true." She "sounds too good to be true." It is difficult to know whether or not she is telling the truth or lying for the majority of the time.

    I possess a great affection toward her, because I have spent a significant portion of my time communicating with her ever since the year two thousand and four. I have spent several hours sending her electronic mail messages. I have a tendency to create electronic mail messages that are considerable in length. In addition, the threads that I have made on this forum a few years ago were also lengthy. The average electronic mail message is probably two or three kilobytes, but I tend to forward electronic mail messages that are over ten or fifteen kilobytes. The longest electronic mail message that I have transmitted was over thirty kilobytes. When I type, I use a formal standard of the English language, and sometimes, I become excessively formal.

    I attempt to adhere to the traditional rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation of the English language, specifically American Standard English, since I currently reside in the United States of America. I refrain from employing profanity, and the vast majority of words that most educated people would consider slang, nonstandard, or very informal, when I am typing, and to a lesser extent, when I am speaking. I restrict myself from using abbreviations as well; I prefer to use the full form of a word. I refuse to utilize what many people would regard as "textspeak." I have a proclivity to deviate from the main topic of my messages; I am currently committing it (laughing out loud). I have to be grammatically immaculate, even though I fail the overwhelming majority of time. There cannot be one word misspelled, or one grammatical error, or error of punctuation. I now have to return to the main topic of this message.

    During the nearly five years that I have been communicating with this person, I have grown emotionally attached to her. I knew that it was going to occur eventually, because every time I allow someone into my life, I become very attached to that individual. The beginning of my relationship with this person was wonderful, and it was the first time that I have actually began to develop some type of strong emotional feeling towards someone who I have knowledge of merely on the Internet. We had conversed with each other almost every night during the first year of our friendship. The average time that I have conversed with her was four to five hours; sometimes eight hours. When she was unable to converse with me online, I have contacted her by using electronic mail. I have forwarded electronic mail messages to her every day.

    I am the type of person who would respond to the message of someone quickly. Providing that a person has send me an electronic mail message or a private message on this forum, I would respond to it on the same day that it has been sent, or the day after it has been sent. I do not take a long time to respond to any messages to me. When I do respond to any messages, expect the reply of the message that one has delivered to me to be verbose. As my relationship with her progresses, I would send two to three electronic mail messages to her every day. Each electronic mail message that I have sent to her would be similar to having ten or twenty electronic mail messages included in one. That is how long most of my messages, not only to her, but to everyone else would be. Altogether, I would have to argue that the amount of time, that I have spent forwarding electronic mail messages toward her would be equivalent to more than half a year.

    Virtually every message, via the forum or electronic mail that I have transmitted to her, has taken me over ten thousand hours to create, and each message itself has taken me eight to ten hours to create. Yes, I spend a large amount of time using the Internet. During the past five years, approximately eighty-five percent of my life was based on utilizing the Internet. I used to check my electronic mail inbox more than thirty times a day, to make certain that someone has replied to any of my electronic mail messages to that person. I have been sending long messages to her for almost five years. If the average message is three or four kilobytes, then, altogether, I have send over a thousand electronic mail and private messages to her. She has also told me that she has kept every single message that I have forwarded to her, and kept every picture of myself that I have also delivered to her. She told me that she does not delete messages from her friends.

    Perhaps, I am infatuated with her. She already has knowledge that I am infatuated with her. I have given her much information about me, even personal information. I contemplate about her every day, and not a day passes that I do not think about her. She knows that as well. In a figurative manner, I have remove my heart from my chest and gave it to this person. What is very unreasonable about me, is that, I should have became more cautious of this person, for the reason that, I am not definite that this person is who she claims to be. If this person is not, that indicates that I have wasted almost five years of my life communicating with someone who is a pathological liar. This person knows who he or she is. The person about whom I am talking will probably read this message. Assuming that the person is telling the truth, I would be relieved because I am already having a hard time having faith in anyone.

    If the person has lied to me about significant aspects of his or her life, not only would I be hurt, but, I would be so emotionally devastated, that I would immediately destroyed all of my relationships that I have with anyone online, and including my relationships with everyone offline, permanently. I would never become friends with anyone else on the Internet, or in my personal life. This person means so much to me, that I would instantly become extremely depressed and suicidal once more. I would be in extreme danger to my life. I can never forget the time, a few years ago, that a person who was a member of this forum staged her death. She had led most of the members of the forum, including myself, to believe that she has actually performed suicide. Fortunately, her deception did not last long; the administrators and moderators had discovered that she had not committed suicide, and she was immediately banned from the forum. Her staged death has caused a great amount of disruption, anger and confusion of the forum. I am glad that she has been banned from the forum, but her deception has caused me to become more wary of every member of this forum.

    I do not mind if someone lies about some minor detail concerning his or her life, but, if one lies about the age, gender, or personal name of oneself, that is greatly immoral and exceedingly disagreeable. In my opinion, people who perform that should not even use the Internet to communicate with anyone to any degree or extent. It is my fault, because I should never trust anyone whom I meet on the Internet, or on this forum. It does not matter though, because everyone is able to argue the same thing about me; it can proceed both ways. How do you know my actual first name is William? How do you know that I am a male? How do you know that I live in the United States of America? I could be lying about almost everything about me. I could be lying to all of you about who I really am. I could be lying about being depressed. I could be a very happy person, who pretends to be unhappy, and I could have deceived all of you for almost five years.

    What about all those times that I have said I was suicidal over two years ago. I could be lying about that. I said that I was a black male. I could be lying about that too. I could be a Caucasian or an Asian person. I am probably not twenty-three years old. I could be forty-years old or fifty-years old. It is very easy to lie on the Internet, and many people could become victims of dishonesty, especially on this forum. This forum has many people who are very vulnerable, and desperate for a romantic relationship, or a friendship.. There are people who are also gullible. I am probably one of those people; how disappointing. How do you know that the person to whom you are talking on this forum is who he or she claims to be? One response might be that he or she has sent a picture of herself or himself. I have to state that just because someone sends a picture to you, does not necessarily mean that it is the person who has sent the picture, in the picture.

    This response concerns gender. Imagine that you have met a person online who claims to be a male. You do not know for certain that the person is a male. As the relationship grows stronger, that person decides to give you "his" telephone number. You called "him" and hear the voice of the person. Your fears are eliminated, because by hearing the voice of the person, you know with certainty that the person is a male, because the voice of the person sounds masculine. That is not always the case. There are devices that are capable of disguising the actual voice of a person. Although the person is actually a female, the person uses a device that can change the voice of the person, while the person is talking to you on a telephone. Yet, another response would be that you have seen the person live on a web camera, or some other live technological apparatus.

    In this present time, not even technology of video could be trusted, because with the advanced technology that is in existent, videos can be manipulated in almost any fashion. In my opinion, the only way one has the ability to know if the person is telling the truth about his or her external appearance, or any part of the physical appearance of the person, in an illustrative instance, the weight, height, gender, or any other physical attribute or characteristic of the person, is by meeting that person in a personal manner. There are cruel people who would lie to one constantly. I am not stating that no one should be trusted on the Internet. There are sincere human beings, but I think those type of human beings are a minority. I am also going to mention that some members of this forum had actually met one another personally; therefore, not everyone is a liar, or a pathological liar. The strange and amusing thing is that even though I could be questioning the straightforwardness of this person, that person could be doing the same thing with me.
  2. ashes_away

    ashes_away Well-Known Member

    you are absolutely right and one cannot be TOO careful.Easy for me to say being so distrustful of everyone I have become a stranger even to myself.But yeah,naivete is dangerous online.
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    You're right; you can never be too careful. I hope you're able to find out whether this person is being honest with you. after five years of intimate friendship, you don't deserve to be lied to.
  4. reefer madness

    reefer madness Account Closed

    Trust no one.
  5. Remedy

    Remedy Chat & Forum Buddy

    I trust what 98% of people say on here... though to be honest, I don't particularly care if they lie to me. How does it effect me? I'm not going to put myself in danger and meet anyone from SF... The relationship I'm in started over the internet, we've met in person and now we're pretty happy together.
    So good things can come of it, not everyone has bad intentions. :)
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