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Internet tough guys.......

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Am i the only one who has had the pleasure of this? You know the type of person, im gonna kill you, i am, i really am, im going to kill you because im sat here in my parents basement, im 12 years old and i talk like O RLY? LOL ROFL GTFO. I got one on here recently and it just amused the hell out of me. But their is a serious side to this, i mean what if someone took it seriously? Thats the worst kinda threat their is which is why its against the law and you can go to jail for it as someone is about to find out, but if someone said they was gonna kill you what would be your reaction?


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I haven't really met any of the internet dicks your talking about. If I'm on a certain computer game there might be a few different people that are well known to that particular community for trolling about random crap. After a while you just laugh at them. Although I tend to just go "lol" to shut the person up, or else I feel weird for not saying something.

If someone said they were going to kill me, and they did it over the net, I'd probly say "lol ok". I don't think I'd take them very seriously because chances are, they'd barely know the gender of the person they're 'abusing' let alone their whereabouts.


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I've had people over the net say they were gonna beat me up or rape me, but never kill me. I don't take them seriously cause they don't know my phone number, address, or anything. However I'd take the whole situation seriously if they started correctly saying stuff like that though.


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Don't make me attack you wayne. GTFO. LOL! IAGAUWAT ( I am gonna attack you with a trout) PMITFBIHLMM (punch me in the face because I have lost my mind)



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There is incredible racism, bigotry, insults and threats in the comments section after YouTube videos. A lot of it is probably from twelve year olds who feel some power because they are picked on or alienated among friends and at school.


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When I used to play on the xbox some dude went on a fit curseing everyone out so I told him to relax, then he started basically saying he was going to kick my ass and whatever. Cant remember, but i just laughed and kept prodding him without insulting him, kinda just feeding his stupid way of being tough online . In the end he kept saying fuck you constantly in many different ways. It was great because I kept telling him to say fuck a few more times each time he said it. He left because, there just wasnt much more he could dream up and he wasnt getting a real reaction from me.

I soon realized that while he was attempting to get an ego boost from his stupidty, i was getting enjoyment from listening to him make a fool from himself. So in essence, I was feeding off of this twat, and I still will when people piss me off. I enjoy listening to them crumble infront of people, watching as these "tough digital kids" make a fool of themselves I suppose.
Though just like you, id give up all communication with them for them to come down and try to knock me out, maybe he'd break me and give me a moment where id feel like i actually had to do something.. or maybe he'd kill me and this shit would be over. Which is another problem, aswell as the "enjoyment" factor. They're just a distraction and an ultimate waste of time. In my opinion. If they said they were going to actually kill me? Id say awesome! and just feed their little fantasy until it becomes so unrealistic, then piss them off even more so they become all "realistic" again, but with an verbalized stupid fantasy behind them. Just ignorant people who use their ignorant understanding of life and expression to get reactions so it feeds whatever they are needing to feel. People who use people... I wouldnt use them, Id make them run out of energy tbh. It gives them pause without insulting them, which is a moment they can reflect, even if it's subconsciously.


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My most memorable internet tough guy encounter was when I was beating this guy at an online game and he basically told me, "I'M A 20 YEAR OLD MARINE AND IMMA FIND YOU AND KICK YOUR ASS!!!"

I lol'd. I lol'd hard. And I agree that youtube is overrun by horribly maladjusted internet tough guys, just look at the comments section of any moderately popular video...
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