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    We received a terrible news from my uncle that my cousin is on the state of suicidal. Last time I saw him he's been drinking too much alcohol and doing little drugs. I've been looking into the web for some information regarding addiction, I've read about interventions in this website Drug Recovery Center Shreveport that would convince someone to take treatment. Do you think this would be effective? Are there any other ways? I want to help my cousin get over his problem.
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    Hi it's a vicious circle but the first step is that.your cousin wants to stop his addiction. As I am no expert, I.would use the search.facility to look at previous posts. Personally, you cousin needs to go on a voluntarily basis in a rehab program.

    It's going to be a difficult subject to approach to your uncle but early intervention is important. I hope this advice helps you.
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    If he is currently suicidal I would not consider an intervention without a lot of input from a professional counselor. The addictions are clearly a big part of that problem, but if suicidal and they take it as the people closest to them turning on them it could be very dangerous. Not at all saying "don't do it", just saying get some professional help very familiar with the situation to help decide the best approach.

    It is very good he has the love and support of people that care- I do hope you are able to find a way to help him.
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    It's nice that you care about your cousin. My input is each invidual is different and react differently. Talking to someone experienced in dual dx especially addiction and what other condition that's causing suicidal thoughts and see what they suggest and go from there. It does seem from the surface that addiction is not the only issue going on mental-wise with your cousin but I am not a professional.

    Wishing you good luck with your loved one.
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    Talk to your cousin! Just having someone to listen or knowing someone cares can mean a lot.
    After you talk to him call and talk to the people at that site. They should be able to help you figure out what might work for your cousin.
    Good luck and TY for caring.
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    As was said by someone if the person is currently suicidal do not try and make any drastic changes, you never know how someone is is already suicidal will respond. I think you need to seek the help of a G.P on what to do from here as well as trying to get said person to talk, ask how you can help. I hope you and said person is doing well as well as can be expected.
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    Hi all, thank you for the time to response to my post, and sorry for the late reply.
    My uncle decides that they should move into another state for a change of environment, because he thinks my cousin will not change if they will still stay in their old place. As of now, they were still having a difficulty handling my cousin, they have already consulted him to a rehab center and to some expert/counselor but my cousin is really tough. He never listen to anyone, how I wish I can do something :sorrow: .
    Well, thank you for the advice guys, and I think you are correct, how will I help a person if he himself doesn’t want to get help.
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