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Interview with the self-- Alturism

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Krem, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member



    We've not talked in a while. Or, well, not written it down.

    That's because you're a lazy shithead. You get an idea, something that could even have potential.. but you don't do anything about it.

    Yes, yes, I know.

    So what is it you wanted to talk about?

    Not sure. Something that's juuust beyond my reach. I can almost describe it.

    You're useless.

    Yes, yes, so you've said.

    I've one, though.


    Yeah. And it'll probably start me a-rollin'.

    Go on, then.

    Right, so. It's people, yeah? Just, people in general, not specific individuals whom I could name. Anyway, yeah, people. They know about someone in their "community" having something dreadful happening to them. Or, well, something physically dreadful, like getting a disease or a car crash. Nothing like abuse or suicide, that's just ignored. Anyway, so, people getting wind of other people, whom previously they did not treat well, in fact probably treated badly, and suddenly they're all for those people. Guy whom nobody gives a shit about is diagnosed with cancer, everyone is all "Oooh, he's so brave. We were in the same class, y'know. LOOK AT ME, I HAVE COMPASSION, I'M A GOOD PERSON.". And, often when we get the sick one's reply.. HE'S KIND!? What? He's "thankful for the support"!? What the hell, man? These are people who did not give one ounce of shit about you, and who will forget you the week after you die.. but you're "thankful for their support"!? Do you not see that their compassion is just thinly-veiled self-loving bullshit? You waste your opportunity to point this out to them, to give them all guilt, to shame them all. Instead of pretending you were their friend, which you were not, you could say, say, "Oh, now that I'm dying, you suddenly care? When you were being assholes to me, did you care then? When you mocked me, openly and discretely, did you care? All the months/years you did not even say "hello", did you give a shit? No! You did not. Don't fucking pretend you care now.". People are not capable of being altruistic. Oh, they may think they do, which makes it all the more disgusting. Your family and friends, you care only about them because they make you feel good, you enjoy being with them. The moment you stop that, BAM! you care nothing for them. People you don't know? Forget it. You only give to charity because it makes you feel good about yourself, you'll look better to others, and because otherwise you'd feel guilty. None of this is under your control- You act only to make yourself feel better.

    Yeah, those who give their lives for others sure feel good.

    If they'd've lived, they would. One, or more, of the following applies to them: They'd not enjoy living without the others, they didn't realise that they'd die, or they believe in an afterlife, where they'd be rewarded. There is no "sense of duty" that makes you "valiantly" sacrifice yourself for others. There's only the selfish desire to please yourself. Only sociopaths don't give a shit what others think. It's what frees them from the bullshit that makes a society. Which is why they're dangerous, and need to be removed.

    ..wait. You built up this anarchistic rant, and then turn into a right-wing extremist. The fuck?

    What? There's no contradiction here. All I'm saying is that people are disgusting liars, to themselves and everyone else, and that there is no such thing as being selfish. I did not say that we should abandon civilisation, live in caves, and stop wiping our arses.

    Plus, you enjoy it, don't you?

    Somewhat, yes. It's troubling, though, since I've difficulty lying (In that I don't bother with it), and I tend to admit that I am, like all else, a selfish asshole. What I do may benefit others from time to time, but it all benefits me.

    ..erm, no? Work, chores, all sorts of minor things you don't want to do, but you do them. Stop being an idiot.

    Well, sure. Except if you look at the alternative. Don't do chores, then I'd need to bitch with my parents, who may take drastic measures. Don't show up for work/school, you'd get fired, which means no money/bitching with parents. Hell, even if nobody told me to, I'd still take out the rubbish. Why? Because otherwise I'd end up with a pile of it. Effort is a form of currency, just like money is, and so is time.

    Back to what you said before that, though; you admit that you're selfish and such. Could it not be that you're projecting? That you refuse to admit that others can be good, because that makes you look worse?

    That's possible, true. But unlikely. Every action benefits the person who acted. Sometimes it benefits others more, but you must always look at the alternative: What if the person DIDN'T do the thing he did.
    And, if you don't find anything, you don't have all the information at hand. A fallacy it is, that, if you don't know it exists, it doesn't exist. A worse fallacy is, ofcourse, taking the possibility that something is there, maybe, and saying that it is there because nobody can say it's not. First you must bring up evidence FOR, to suggest that something is there in the first place. Ockham's razor, Russel's teapot, and common fucking sense.

    Thank you for your time, been wonderful to have you, you self-absorbed, self-righteous, arrogant prat.
  2. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    yeah, imagine the nerve of that mother teressa lady, tyring to "make her self feel good" by helping people. What a bitch!

    Seriously, I don't see anything wrong with feeling good about helping people. Though I think some times people help others even when it doesn't feel good. And in fact, I think sometimes people go too far in helping others and not thinking of themselves.

    There is a notion of enlightened consciousness, I don't know if it's true or not, but these people claim one can be "one with the universe", a state where you realize that self/other is an illusion, that we are all one.

    It is said that to have compassion is to stand on the threshold of enlightenment.