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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by amIalive, Oct 3, 2016.

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    I don't know how to begin all this. My english is bad too which makes it even harder.

    Well, I am not a new member. I've been here on and off since 2005 (not much in last few years). This just shows how big loser I am since never changed in my life in all these years. I've never lived normal life. Everyone around me seems like having that life routine: school, job, wife, kids etc. Its all been a big struggle for me. Its just like this world is not made for me. I am completely unable to get a job even with a college degree I have. Economic situation is though in this shitty country, and for weirdos like me its like mission impossible. I do have bunch of interests in my life, I am not bored but I am spending most of time by myself. Every day is same, no change. I am not even depressed or suicidal no more, I do know I will end up killing myself tho. I already would have done that if it wasn't for my mother.

    So, I am just looking someone to talk to. I am not much interesting person. If you got nothing more useful to do you can give me a chance. If you leave me I will not mind, I didn't keep any internet "friends" anyways, they would leave sooner or later. I don't blame them, for sure. It was like normal thing. I don't even believe in making online friendships. I had good friends in real life which I have lost due to my depression and egocentric personality.
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    Dear AmIalive,
    I do not agree that you are a loser, to me you sound like you have had ongoing issues for many years but that doesn't make it your fault. You have had many struggles and the economic situation in your country has not helped you. I'm glad you have your mother in your life as it means you are still with us, because of her. I pray that she is kind to you. I'm happy to talk to you as are many others here. So keep posting or go into chat if you prefer there are always friendly people in there that will welcome you there with open hearts and caring minds. You don't have to make online friends if you don't want too. But you will find people that are happy to accept you as you are and share a common understanding of depression and struggles too. We all have a personality that is unique and individual to ourselves. Keep sharing and keep talking to us here please.
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