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    Now that SF is moved safely to its permanent home on new servers and seems to be running smoothly again we have opened a new forum section on the site.

    The Road to Recovery was requested by members as a place to share success stories, strategies and coping mechanisms that have worked and helpful advice that has been put into action. We thought it was an excellent idea to have a place dedicated to recovery and the efforts that people put into getting better and improving their lives. While SF will always be available to get support when things are not going well, we believe having a more positive section for those that are recovering to focus on would be a good addition.

    This new forum houses the HEAL and 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' sub-forums as well as a brand new sub-forum called 'Strategies for Success'.

    If you have a success story or a strategy that has worked for you, please share it so everyone can benefit from your experiences! The emphasis on this forum is on things that are working for you or that have worked in the past to share with others. While the road to recovery can be long and difficult - it is attainable and this section is for those that still want support but feel like they are making progress. It will also allow those looking for solutions to have a resource supported by other members but with less negativity than other areas so the focus can be on getting better and avoid being triggered.

    Thank you to the members that have suggested this idea.
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    This is a fantastic idea! Thanks to all the forum staff and admins who have worked so hard to make it happen!

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    Aweseome, great idea =)
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    Agree, great idea - went to post on it just now, but couldn't find the new Forum Section on the menu under 'Forum'
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    Thank you... I hope this becomes a very well populated section of the forum.
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    Great idea Ben, I think an emphasis on healing being possible will be encouraging for all.
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    I agree, it helps bring the positive vibe of pro-life to the forum. Thanks!
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    Hmm, when I tried to follow this link I got a 404 page not found error. :(
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    I'm lovely day and my daughter has just told me that there is no way back for me into her life that the best she can do is be civil to me, my other daughter has started to. Live with her dad and I was very floored by this. I am told I have a dependent personality problem because of childhood, I was very close to my mum who just died 29 April, but my mum had Alzheimer's and for years she was not the same and didn't know me, I watched her die for a week. And I'm devastated that my girls are not there for me, I'm told I wa s a bad mum I need your help, I don't want to live like thi
  12. Unknown_111

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    Welcome to forum. Firstly YOU ARE NOT A BAD MUM and they have no right to judge you like that because YOU went through nine months of growing them and giving them life. If they cannot appreciate your are their earth mother so let it be. Keep the olive branch open to them as when they are experiencing an awful event in the near future, they might and I hope they turn in the time need to you.

    I know you are extremely hurting especially when a loved one who you nurtured does not appreciate what you brought into the world. For whatever reasoning for the family split is the past but is more imperative is YOU and your future. I know it's hard and no doubt decimated your life. Life is important and that means YOU.

    No doubt in your heart you are crying tears of hurt or even when you hit the pillow. You are not a bad person even though the words are causing emotional pain. It's distressing but we can help get over this experience.

    Are you sleeping?

    Are functioning on a day to day basis?

    Have spoken to your doctor for medication or a referral to group therapy?

    I only asking in a way to help you from my own experience as the situation is traumatic and does cause upheaval whilst trying to function day to day.m


    Take care and be safe.