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Hi my name is Alisha, I am 23 years old and have a beautiful child. I live in a nice apartment with my partner whom I love with their child as well. I just started college and am doing well at it. There is a problem though that I have been trying to fix for some time. It is these dark dark thoughts that keep coming into my head. Everyday I contemplate things and want to walk out my door and never come back. I am just tired of fighting I am emotionally physically tired. I try to pretend for my family that all is well just so that I can get through the day.


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Hi Alisha,and welcome...sometimes writing about why you want to leave can be helpful...I know for me, sharing in that way allows me to feel more authentic...many of us live dual lives...we protect people from how we feel, and the pain we have...welcome again, and so glad you posted
Hi Alisha! I guess you have a very wonderful family to begin with. And they love you so much. But if that doesn't help, feel free to talk more about what's troubling you.


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Hi Alisha, Welcome to the forums..I'm sure you will find similaraties in others here on the forum.. Have you thought about therapy or talking to a school counselar. They can be very helpfull..


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Hi Alisha and welcome to the board. As it was already said, talking or writing can be helpful to get those thoughts out of your head. I write a lot when they become too much. I hope you and your family take care.
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