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    Have you ever been that invisible person? You know, the one that nobody talks to, nobody seems to notice?

    Yeah, it's not very fun. I've just been reflecting on how I've been that person.
    I'm just not that memorable of a person, I guess. I mean, the only people that I think will actually remember me around 10 years from now will be those in my immediate family. The people that actually have to see my face once in a while, because I'm related to them.

    It never really bothered me all that much before, I just kinda did my own thing, and I was alright. I kept to myself for the most part, I spent most of my time gaming, I had fun, and life was pretty good.

    Just thinking about my awkwardness in general really seems to get to me now. I've got a few friends, but really, I doubt they'll keep in touch, and a few years down the road, I'll be "that one guy." The one in the yearbook that they seem to know, but they just can't put their finger on.

    I've pretty much given up on finding love, as well. Everyone's just too shallow, and it's pathetic. Note that I say "everyone," so I'm not just attacking girls in a mindless rant. Most guys are all about getting the hottest girl in bed, then moving on to the next one. Then the next, then the next. Trying to get the high score, as though it matters. Most girls want the guy with the fattest wallet, the biggest muscles, and the biggest dick. No matter what the guy is like, as long as he either has money, or he's a form of eye candy. It's just people in general, and though I thought there was more to human emotions and the inner workings of the mind than what everyone seems to show, I'm apparently wrong.

    So yeah, I'll just stay in the corner, quiet and completely ignored, unless I randomly become a millionaire, in which case people will actually want me.
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    Just wanted you to know I read your post. And you're right ... there are way too many shallow people out there. It's sad.