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    I feel invisible. No one can neither see me, nor hear me. I'm talking, but I'm misunderstood. Their not listening. I don't want to be seen though, because that requires me to want help. I don't want to be fixed, or heard, or seen. I haven't always, but I rather enjoy it now. In this life, I'm just an extra. Someone who's a nobody with no meaning and no significance. Someone who is only to be used, but I do wan't to be happy and in my whole life I've never felt anything besides anger and depression. When I die, I want go somewhere that has lots of space. I want there to be trees, a lake, and a cabin. I want to have an unlimited supply of books, manga, and a laptop full of anime to watch. I want the weather to be around 72 degrees, so it's neither hot, nor cold. I want the wind to wrap around me and dry up my tears. I don't want to cry anymore. That place will be my happiness. I won't have anyone there, because I no longer need to. No one can hurt me anymore. When I die, I know I'll be there. I'll know what it feels like to be happy. I won't be jealous anymore. I won't have expectations from people who don't care about me. I won't have the burden of the past and what I can no longer remember. I'll be free and what's better than that?
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    You are not invisible here we see you and we understand that longing for peace every human needs connection to something someone if you connections to humans are too stressful perhaps owning a animal a pet will give you the kindness and understanding you want. Pet always loves you no matter what hugs