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you know, i go into chat, i sit there, i talk, then all of a sudden, it's like i'm invisible. i don't know if i'll go anymore, i don't know if i'll be here anymore. It's not just here though, i feel invisible everywhere and it's starting to get to me. :sad: :cry: i just can't anymore, i can't.


I know what it feels like to be ignored in chat. That happens to me all the time hun. But you know I will always talk to you in there, I got kicked out of there some how, and now I cant get back in there..

Hang in there!


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Yeah chat can sometimes make u feel really lonely. Next time try a pm with someone. Can really relate to the invisible feeling. :sad:


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I think a lot of people feel like that, I do too. Best way to handle it is to try hard make yourself known, easier said than done if there's loads of people in there or they've all got the silent bug.


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I can totally relate too.

If you ever need a chat feel free to PM me, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

You may feel invisible, but I promise you you are not. You are valuable and improtant like everyone else
I think it's maybe better to come into chat when it's a bit quieter, than try to face it when it's busy, if anyone finds it intimidating...

Soon, you'll be chatting away ,I'm sure :).

Also, an advantage of going in there when it's less busy, is that people can have more closer conversations, if you see what I mean.
When it's busy, there are often many people all talking amongst themselves in the public chat, it's easy to feel ignored if you're not involved in one of those conversations and people do sometimes feel left out - as if they are not known...
Believe me - you are *all* important, as Scum says, and valuable, and you should get a warm reception and welcome if you introduce yourself, just say hello :) . We all try to make each other feel as included as the next person :)

I'm in chat a lot, and I always say hello to everybody :)
Give it a shot - it's worth it :)

Hope this has helped settle your feelings and worries a bit :hug:

Always here for a chat,
Awwwww hunni, sorry you feel like this :sad: Alot of people do feel like that so your not alone. Hell i've even felt that way in the past. The convosation in chat changes so quickly that its hard to keep up sometimes. Many times i've closed chat for a few mins opened it back up and its a comeplete different subject going on! pretty hard to keep up sometimes.

You can allways catch me in chat, msn or now skype :tongue: no laughing at our accents again tho :ohmy: :laugh:

Viks xxx
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