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To Live... That is the adventure
If I suddenly wasn't around the world would keep right on spinning. People barely notice when I'm here. If I was gone i think mostly it would effect most people little to none at all

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Sorry you're feeling this way. Actually, believe it or not a 2016 survey found one person could affect up to 115 other people. So, in effect you're like a pebble dropped into a pond. Your life does have a ripple effect on others. Whether you think so or not. While you may think you mean nothing to others. You actually do.

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Assuming that you have no family, friends or coworkers: there is no requirment that people have to know you/like you in order to survive and appreciate your unique personality.


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I actually think of that a lot. If I was dead the world would keep spinning, people would continue doing their things, etc. Like you, I don't think my demise would be a big loss to the world.

I don't really know what to say. But I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone with this feeling.

IMO though, any person's suicide would affect someone else one way or the other, whether he/she knows them personally or not. The person who finds the body would be affected, neighbours would be affected, the shopkeeper whose shop the deceased frequent would be affected, etc.


To Live... That is the adventure
I was maybe a little too simple in my statements. I guess what I'm saying is not "no one notices me so i guess I should kill myself." I guess in a simplistic way it could break down to that. What I really mean is I feel alone. Also I struggle at times with the will to go on. Sometimes the thought those I would hurt if i left is a good motivator to keep on going. When i'm struggling already and I look at life and it seems like my existence has little bearing on the lives of others it makes that struggle harder. I understand having others know you and or like you is not a requirement for survival. I'm not talking about being known or liked. There are plenty of people who know me and/or like me. The question is does my existence matter, is it important to anyone? This also isn't a requisite for survival but it makes the fight easier.

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