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irene is calling

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keep seeing images of myself standing outside waiting for the storm - anything that happens then would be the hurricane's fault

my head has been in pain all day - meds do nothing

daughter calls from college to let me know that her meal plan hadn't been added to her bill, so could i give her another $2,000? i don't have it

coming back home yesterday my transmission broke down - can't afford to fix it

i want to let the wind and the rain wash it all away


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showered, clean for what it's worth - at least i have that

will get wet again later - last time? not sure

headache keeps going and going and going

is it so wrong to want all of this to stop?

feels like irene is coming for me
Please don't go out in the storm. It's not safe. And yeah, i know that this is precisely the reason you are going to go out but.....stay safe for everyone here if you can't for yourself. <3 xxxx


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hey echo..please stay safe from the storm
you could be hurt and still be alive and that would make life worse for you
hide from irene *hug*


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Echo, I am here in NY City, so I know what you are going to go through...please stay safe and hope the headache goes away real soon...J


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Hey Echo, Are you on any meds for the headaches???If not talk to you GP about putting you on Imitrex..I have headaches all the time and theOTC meds don't help..You wil have side affects when you first start takeing them but they go away pretty quick.. Please stay inside during the storm and stay away from windows..


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hello Echo,
I am sorry for all you are going through right now. It sounds so hard. But I hope you will not stand outside in the hurricane. Because your daughter needs you. Please do stay safe.


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No power now - headache less but not going away - tried a ton of migraine meds but don't work - once UPS drains internet will be gone - phone network overworked, can't connect from there - may go for a walk


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Coming up on 24 hours w/o power - no estimate on it getting fixed

Small windows for reaching people - so alone

My anchor has disappeared and I'm afraid - my anchor was my hope, my reason for trying

Can't see a future for me now - everything is black

Storm or no storm I think my time is just about up - what's the point in putting myself through the hell that is my life if the reason for doing so is gone, maybe dead

They promised they wouldn't hide their feelings from me, that we wouldn't hide them from each other - they lied because in the end I don't matter - always knew it but I'd hoped - never hope again


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Batteries not an issue - phone network overloaded, can't always text - some long delays receiving them

In library with half the town charging everything and fighting for bandwidth - wondering why I bother


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I try to find hope sometimes. Its so hard when the hope is gone. Bit for me, I do end up finding enough shreds of hope, after a while, to go on longer. I hope you will find the same in days to come. Enough hope, or reason, to go on longer. I do hope that the electricity is restored for you today. So you can talk more here. As she song goes, keep holding on. Because people here do care. :hug:


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my hope is that you find some hope to go on echo
I wish I could help more and I wish good things for you
i hear your pain
take care
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