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    Been reading through the forums and became motivated to do another rant/rave... this time on the irony of situations.

    A lot of females have posted that they have abusive boyfriends/lovers, who treat them like dirt, do not appriciate them, and harm them physically and/or mentally. They also loose self esteem, think poorly of themselves, think they deserve no better, so on and so forth. This is such crap. They are beautiful women who deserve to be happy, and to live life to its fullest. I am actually jelous of them for their looks, as I was born with a facial defect that left my upper lip scarred, slurrs my speach patterns, and generally makes me feel ugly and unwanted. I would LOVE to actually have a girlfriend for once. I have NEVER, not even once, had a girlfriend. I never went to dances, never been kissed, never had sex, nothing.

    If I ever did meet a girl that could see me for who I am inside, and not judge me solely on my imperfect looks, I would give her the world. I work so hard, have my life generally together, that she would never need to worry about anything. I would love to be her pillar of strength and protection. With my programming I would make enough money to buy a nice house, with land, nice cars, and support an excellent lifestyle. I want so very much to be in love with a women who actually cares about me and loves me back. Who knows who I am and doesn't fault me for my failures and shortcomings. And I would love to take care of her. Sigh... I would love to have a nice family with a loving wife and 1 or 2 children. I would take them to places like Disney Land and Disney World, to SeaWorld, to Hawaii and on cruises. I would give them the world, and raise them with a proper education and an ever abundent supply of love and support. But yet, I have never met a women who cares, or would even try. Noone I have ever met will even date me... (I went on one date in my life, and at the end of it, the girl told me that she decided then that she was a lesbian... =*( )

    It is ironic that there are these women who are so beautiful and talented and special but are living horrible unfair lives when I would do so much for them and they dont ever have to be miserable. But, that women that can judge me not on looks but on character and personality has never met me, and I have never met her. I hate it. If this world was fair and kind, the two of us should have been paired long ago and our lives filled with bliss and joy. =(

    Sorry, if this offends anyone. I find that ranting and posting makes me feel better by unleashing all my pent up emotional baggage in a safe, non harmful way. I am trying to become a better person and this does help me. So if you are offended, please just dont read any of my posts.