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    I feel like im going to die, no not by suicide. I feel this way cause im finally have been stable for some time, and even just moved into my own apartment alone not with family friends or roomates. The more I feel and think that way the more is I stress and get chest pain. Then I think im going to die of a heart attack. Ive been avoiding going outside cause there are many more ways I could die. But when I stay home im stressed cause im afraid my apartment complex is going to catch fire. Im on the second floor and the building is going to collapse. It goes on and on. I know its called catastafizing. Ive missed a couple of appointments with my therapist 2 months. and we have been working on not thinking this way but its taking over my every thought that I cant remember any of the skill to use. I havnt been taking my sleeping meds cause im afraid I will die in my sleep but not havnt slept in 3 days I have other unrealistic things going threw my head now im getting delirious and paranoid. I notice breathing I feel like im not getting enough oxygen. I feel like im suffocating. like im in a house with no a/c and its 110 degrees outside. any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
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    To start with the simple, take a cool/cold bath or shower- repeat as often as need to keep from melting in the heat. Also , when not doing that a wet towel - wet with cold water and wring dry enough so nt dripping and wearing over shoulders and neck will help stay cool and more comfortable.

    So far as the paranoia and catastafizing, If you can't remember th ecoping exercises you worked on with your therapist try some breathing exercises like listed here -

    Hope you find some relief and find a way to rest.

    Take Care and Be Safe

    - Ben
  3. There was a thread about deep breathing exercises in the forum. It made me think about trying meditation again. Just sit cross-legged as comfortably as possible, relax or rest your arms on your legs, and pick a spot or item ahead of you about eye level to focus on. Breathe deeply and slowly and concentrate on only the thing you focused on. Relax your eyes about halfway closed. If you can close them completely without losing your focus, your doing extremely well. Chase stray thoughts out as soon as you realize your having them by focusing on your spot/item of choice. Continue this until your relaxed and nothing but what your focal point was is the only thing crossing your mind.
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