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Everything in my life makes me feel like I have no control over anything. That I am irrelevant and I am not worth anything, all that was combined with the demons that I have been carrying for years and it causes me not to know who I am, where I am or if I am alive. I spend my days in a mental state of emotional lethargy until I explode from time to time. I feel cheated by those people who told me that this would not last that long and most of the time I wonder why live


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Hi @Finding nothing and welcome to SF. I'm so sorry you carry so much pain in you. I certainly relate to many of the feelings you've expressed, and I believe many other people here will do as well.
I can't know how long this darkness will last... but I can tell you that you are worth it, that you deserve better than this, and that you and your feelings matter. Always.
I also hope we can help you in some way, if anything, to feel a bit less alone. Because you are never alone here.
Hope to see you around and sending hugs.
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