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Irrespondisble Pet Owners!!!!!!!

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At like 3 this morning I was awoken by dogs growling and barking. Turned out they were under my house, they had chased my outdoor cat under there.

I called police an animal conntrol doesn't work at night here. Which is stupid. But an officer came out and told me to go inside. He got in his car and watched. My cat ran out and went into some bushes, trees.. the police officer then said that it was 2 Rottweilers. He said they moved on and to call animal control later.

I just did the animal control officer is at a neighboring house where these dammm dogs got in her yard and killed her cat. I can't find my cat either.

Why do people get pets, espcially dangerous ones and let them out into the community?

Why do people not take care of their animals?

I am so angry and upset.
I really hope your cat shows up uninjured very soon.

I totally agree with you about irresponsible pet owners. we had a stunning litter of kittens here and a cat from next door came in one day. he hadnt had his jabs and had cat flu, all the babies got it, we lost one and ended up with a huge vet bill.

a note though, my mum and I have both had rottweilers and although they have a bad reputation they are lovely dogs, its the person on the other end of lead who is always to blame.



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stupid ppl think theyan train and control their animals and they cant. we have packs of dogs around here that tear everything up. im sorry to hear about what happened. i hope your cat comes home and is ok. :hug:


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I don't have a problem with the breed.

I had a neighbor with a Rottie that the kids would ride, lovely dog.

But a dog that big and powerful must be trained and controlled properly.

Also, dogs that hunt in pairs for something to kill should be put down.

Wish I had shot them b4 they killed someone elses cat.


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that makes me angry and sad , my friend got bitten by a dog start of this year and shes only just starting to fully recover now , they only gave the dog owner 50 hours community work for that and the shot the dog that did it , im not even sure she got a pay out to cover medical expenses it caused.

:hug: :wub: Angie im hope Tom is OK :hug:


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I hope you find your cat angie. :( :hug: And I wish ppl would take better care to train their animals too.. And keep them fenced in.

Seems kinda stupid about the animal control thing.. They should have some emergency animal control or something.. And that officer should have stopped those dogs before they attacked another cat. :(


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Wow and your tax dollars pay for animal control right? Ours is luckily run by people who even removed a lost bat from my house last summer and that was a weekend around 11pm. They came right out.

I never quite understood people not taking of their animals. I hope you find your cat. :hugtackles:


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TK, I hope your cat comes home and is all right. :hug: How scary for you to have large "uncontrolled" dogs roaming the neighborhood. I hope the owner gets told off and fined.

Your story reminded me of one of my own. I was in the woods at a local park, when two off-leash Rotties came charging up to me. They jumped, barked, and snapped at me. Hoping their owner was nearby, I screamed, "Get your f*cking dogs away from me!" The owner whistled and the Rotties retreated right away. I was literally shaking. I love dogs, but barking, snapping, large dogs are FRIGHTENING. (The owner apologized profusely...Dogs were supposed to be on leashes in the park.)
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I am so angry. The policeman should have shot them when he had the chance but didn't and someone else's cat was killed because of it.

Or at least thats what I think, they may have already killed it b4 they found my house.


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We have 24 hour Animal Control I think.

I agree, the officer should have shot them both, especially with them terrorizing Tom.

I only hope he is OK.

The owners should be fined, ordered to do community service, *and* be ordered that the dogs be put down.

Since the dogs were on your property, you should also sue the owners for monetary damages to your house.

I hope Tom comes back home.


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Awww, I hope your cat's okay!
Around here, just a few weeks ago, a little boy was walking his Chihuahua, and someone's Pit Bull came up on them and killed the poor little dog. I hate that pet owners don't take care of their animals and make sure they're kept either on a leash or fenced in so they can't hurt anyone.


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I am so sorry to hear this Angie. I know how much Tom means to you. I hope you will find him soon. Most probably he has found a good spot to hide as he is a street smart cat. Its always upsetting when things like this happen. And I just don't have any easy answer on that one. Irresponsible dog owners are a big problem and unfortunately, the dogs will pay for doing what comes naturally to them unless they are properly trained and restrained (99% of the dogs will hunt something moving away and two dogs form a pack). Its really sad that large and powerful dog breeds often attract the worst kind or owners. But also, even with the best intentions and the best precautions, accidents can and will happen. That I know for a fact. It only takes a minute of inattention. Mine will go after any other critters to which they have not been socialized. This is good because we live on a farm and we don't want wild or stray domesticated animals going after the livestock. But in the past, I had to put down one dog and re-homed two when an idiot neighbor let his horse roam on my property and my dogs attacked it. I paid all the vet bills and because of the local laws where livestock always take precedence over pets, I also had to euthanize and part with my dogs. It is very painful to this day for both me and John to think about it.

The only large dog kennel I ever visited that was pretty much 100% safety proof was at one of my buddy breeder and you had to make it through three 12 feet-high padlocked chain link fences before you made it to her doorstep. She breed dogs for border patrol, cattle ranchers, security work and people who needs extra-protection and she live basically like an hermit. After loosing my dogs, I even considered never own one again. I was so devastated. I was cautious, I took all responsibility for an accident, paid all the bills (even if imo, the other person was in part at fault) and yet I had to see Zoey die in my arms and loaded the two pups I adored on a plane and never see them again. But being a dog owner is a way of life for me and if I give up on it, I may as well give up on everything else. The rest is doing the best I can to keep everybody safe and pray shit wont happen again. The instincts and physical attributes that can make a dog a liability in one situation are the same which make them such useful animals in other contexts. Yesterday Hans had to hold its own when one of the steer refused to move to another pasture, which would have been a dangerous operation if I had to do it myself. I dont dehorn because we have so many coyotes around so any day, I can end skewered on the barn door and my dogs are my bodyguards. If Hans aggressive instincts had been bred out of him, he would be no good as a working dog. Same with my psych nurse gf rotties who saved her from a charging moose, or my friend Andre bulldog who took on the bull trying to kill him. All responsible large dog owners literally live with the nightmare that despite all their best efforts, just the wrong string of events (a kid forgetting to close a door, a visitor ignoring the no trespass signs, a cat jumping in the yard and the dogs chasing it etc..) will come together and an accident will happen. Because we know for a fact nobody will give us any leeway or second chance and our dogs are automatically considered guilty as charged.

The reality of most animal control services is that they are underfunded and understaffed. Many people working that gig end up burnout, bitter, stressed or hardened. In rural communities, its even worst because of the ground they have to cover. Here for all the county, we have one lovely but overstretched lady who does it all. If ones want to see human nature at its worst, watch how some people treats the voiceless and the defenseless. Its one of the reason I don't do dog rescue and foster care.

Anyhow, sorry for the long post. I just get very upset when situation like this comes up because I've been on the other side of the fence. It is so easy to conclude the best solution is just to kill the dog when people are in the thick of it, understandably fearful and angry. I don't know all the facts in this specific case, so I just don't wanna judge. Maybe just bring a different perspective.
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I am sorry you had to part with your dogs. Doesn't seem right since the animal came to YOUR place. My cat was sleeping peacefully on the porch as he always does I imagine and this pack attacked him.

Also, I live in town. There is no need for working dogs here. And someone who takes on a Rottie or a pair of them needs to be more responsible.

I would dearly love to take a bat to their owners car. I would have shot the dogs myself if I had my gun.

I do not know what happened to Tom. He could be hurt or dead for all I know. I am hoping he is just frightened and hiding.

I am very angry.
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