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Is anyone here alone and happy about it??

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by noplacetogo, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. noplacetogo

    noplacetogo Well-Known Member

    I've not been in a romantic relationship for over 6 years now. At first I didn't want it at all and figured I could live without it, but now all I want is one. Anyone out there happy that they are alone?? Well, happy may not be the right word since this is technically a site for unhappy people, but anyone not depressed over not having relationships?? I want to get back to my former self. to not care that no one wants me for a girlfriend. but right now it seems impossible to feel that way. I just need a little assurance that being alone forever won't be the death of me:S
  2. perry_mason

    perry_mason Well-Known Member

    i have never had a relationship but that doesnt really bother me too much.
    may be it is an 'ignorance is bliss' sort of thing and i might not know what im missing out on but i cant see how being in a relationship would make me feel any better.

    i dont have to deal with arguments about stuff, dont have to put up with somebody being close to me and other stuff like that.

    i dont think not having that sort of hassle will be the death of me. :tongue:
  3. Mortem

    Mortem Well-Known Member

    Ah well, I'm a hermit and I treasure my solitude. I've never managed to understand co-dependent people and the whole relationship craze. They're all like "ZOMG you not married!? You never been in a relationship!!??? OMG OMG" and I'm like "LOL ciao!".
    I say free yourself from all mental efforts.... relax... and let go. :smile:
  4. noplacetogo

    noplacetogo Well-Known Member

    I would love to do that. I think i'm just so absorbed in the idea that someone else will bring me happiness that I forget the basic fact that if I can't be happy alone, how can I be with someone else... Or is that just a lie loners tell themselves to make it all go away:( I don't know about myself anymore.
  5. Mortem

    Mortem Well-Known Member

    Well, each individual has its own needs I suppose, and it seems you desire a significant other... just as many other people. What do you desire most of it? Someone to be with? Intimacy? As a little mindgame; imagine yourself being the only human on the planet... all the nature is still around, and all other species, just no humans, you've never seen any of your kind... how do you reckon that'd work out for you? Hard to tell really, but when putting myself in that situation I think it'd work out excellent.

    You mentioned earlier that "no one wants you for a girlfriend" - I'm not entirely wrong guessing your self-image isn't the best, am I?
  6. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    I love being alone.... but I am never happy.
  7. Christianv2

    Christianv2 Well-Known Member

    I like my aloneness sometimes, but then other times the lonliness gets to me.
  8. noplacetogo

    noplacetogo Well-Known Member

    I think about that a lot actually, the scenerio about being the only person left on earth and I feel it would be excellent for me too. The problem is, there ARE other people on the planet and I do have to be around them on a daily basis. It makes it hard to not want anyone when the world is still there.

    the thing I want most out of a relationship is the companionship. Someone to just be around, spend time with, talk to, share yourself with, and just someone to love and love me back. It's a lot to ask.

    I don't think my self image is too terrible. Sometimes I'll feel real down in the dumps and go on a hate-myself spree, but I mostly do it because I know most guys wouldn't want to have a relationship with a girl like me. It's not really self-deprecating, just realistic. It's not because I'm hideous or anything like that, I think it's just... actually, I don't know:S
  9. xpsyuvz

    xpsyuvz Active Member

    Yes. Alone and prefer it -- where making an occasional post through the internet is enough social-ness for me.
  10. Mortem

    Mortem Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the reality is a different one for most, but it's an interesting thought. It makes me want to get off this planet for some reason. :rolleyes:

    You're most likely not alone about thinking like that. Many guys are probably in the same situation, even on this forum it seems. I suppose things like an active lifestyle and interaction with many people will greatly improve your chances of finding someone. Because even if it's as you say that most guys wouldn't want a relationship with you... I'm sure there's still very many who would. Take care of yourself and don't give up. :smile:
  11. noplacetogo

    noplacetogo Well-Known Member

    I think it's about time I give up. There aren't very many men who would want to be with me, because if there were, I wouldn't be whining about it right now. I think some people just get lucky and find someone, and then others, like me, will never be loved. i have to either accept it, or go on the rest of my life crying about it.