Is anyone here studying physics at university?

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I need some major help with my physics degree. I can't ever understand anything, and I absolutely f***ing hate all of it. It's completely ridiculous and insanely hard. I'm in my last year and I'm working 40 hour weeks ALREADY. By next week I'm expecting to be working 50-60 hour weeks every week till it finishes. Now this would be fine if I was working on something I liked, in a team. But I'm not, I'm working on my own, on a pile of shit which bores the hell out of me and is incredibly, incredibly difficult.
Basically, I need help. FAST.
If anyone here knows someone who is really good at university level physics then please let me know.
My best friend does Physics (just for fun, it's not his major) but I'm sure he can help with anything you're working on. I've learned from him too, he tends to love talking about what he learns.. and I mean long conversations, lol. Then the discussions start turning theoretical in nature after some hours, and it becomes delicious nonsense. Anyway, if you're still taking the classes, just send me a PM and we'll discuss some of the issues further. I really need to take more math and physics classes soon, it seems boring at first - but people don't realize what they're missing. The objective balances out the subjective, if anything.
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