Is anyone sick of being sectioned?

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I've been under every section of the mental health act there is from police sections (136), 72hour nurse sections, assessment sections(2) and a few section 3's and secure units.

Surely if it helped me they wouldn't still need to keep doing it and risking me becoming institutionalised?

How can they so easily slap a section on you and take some of your rights away when they can see your history on their computer screens and witness how ineffective it has been?

Is anyone else fed up of a system that only works for those with medically treatable mental health issues? A system that is so ill equipped to deal with any form of a personality disorder that they either end up institutionalising people or just turning them away without any real support!

Please post experiences of ineffective "help" and maybe let off some steam about the system.
I completely agree with you. I've been put on a 'hold' 3 times. None of the times it helped, in fact it made the situation worse.
Even for people with supposed 'treatable' mental health issues the system still does not work. Your still placed in a section of the hospital... or a room with nothing to do but think about it more.You still see the same awful psychs, the same awful nurses and given shit all to do.
I'm starting to understand more and not blame the people who have violent outbursts... You just cannot cope in those places... and after a while it no doubt would drive you insane and want to act violent towards the staff! ha..ha.
The mental health system in general is not equipped and has a major lack of understanding in all of the mental health 'disorders'. They go by a book and what they are told by higher professionals in the field, not by what they hear from the patients. They don't understand an 'in between', they label people .... half the time not even correctly. I'm beginning to think the mental health thing is a joke.
I feel very disillusioned with the whole system, too. It is very flawed.

My last section (3) was to keep me in hospital to treat my eating disorder after I continually threatened to leave. I went in voluntarily but wasn't in the right frame of mind to accept help at the time. So I was in effect forced in to gaining weight against my will. I fought it every step of the way, I cheated the system as much as I could... then 4 months later, they realised it wasn't working and removed my section and kicked me out.

I was sectioned for not complying with treatment. Then un-sectioned and discharged for not complying with treatment. It makes no sense to me. Thanks for taking 4 months of my life for nothing!


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Sorry for late reply :(

I agree with you both entirely!
The first few times i was sectioned and hospitalised my behaviours became much worse from the total lack of stimulation
Thing is I eventually leart how to "talk my way out" of being sectioned (I learnt how to lie and hide my feelings) or atleast how to blag my to a quick discharge YET they still do it anyway.
In my own experience and from what i've witnessed, they force you into treatment when you fight or resist them BUT the second you actually ask for help, they turn you away with no shame.
I've learnt to play on that not to mention I've mastered the mind games they are taught to play.
The trouble is that it doesn't achieve anything either way in the long run. It just adds to the mania of the whole situation. As if anybody needs that!
It just makes me so very angry!
I'm starting to realise that if you ever really do want real help, you're gonna need to have the money to pay for it.
It is very hard to get sectioned so they must be doing it for a good reason I would have thought. You must certainly be at significant risk to yourself or others. What would you rather they do? perhaps looking at it from that perspective might be helpful.

All the best
Medical paternalism is just one of the many downfalls of society, which symbolizes the huge lack of empathy most people have towards those in difficult situations. It's an easy way out, aka "I did what I could, if you go off yourself its not my problem" (when in fact, I'm sure the mental health system is to blame for a significant number of suicides)


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My history on their system does seem pretty extensive and severe but after two years completely in the clear, after one single pretty insignificant and dismissable incident, they take one brief glance at my records n assume they have the right to section me.
Guess what? I appealed against my section withour a solisitor and won the case because they had no grounds to section me in the first place.
Yeah, I got off the section in the end but that doesn't replace the month of my life they took away from me for no apparent reason.
I was studying for exams at the time and if it wasn't for the internet dongle I had and a friend e-mailing me class work, I'd have failed and lost a years worth of hard work.
The system is entirely dysfunctional because those working in it are either on power trips or because they are under so much pressure to produce results, they lose sense of actually helping any one!
The system is flawed in its roots but that doesn't give the right to hide behind it and just play on it more.
Just plain grr!
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