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Is anyone there?

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im scared and not sure why im here typing this. im scared and hurting and dont have anyone i can tell how im feeling. dont know how to cope and survive my feelings and thoughts.

is anyone there?


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HEllo hun we are here it is okay you are not alone now. Can you tell us why you are so frightened talk to us okay You can pm me anytime if you want okay. Please talk to us so we can help you. If you feel you will harm yourself please call crisis line okay they will help you as well Hugs to you


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Thank you for your replies. it means so much to me.

Im scared because writing here makes me and my feelings exist... and maybe because it gives me a little bit of hope when i feel i have lost any hope that anything or anyone can help me.

i dont have a situational problem. LIVING, feeling, thinking, duties and NOTHING that makes me happy to be alive are the problem.

what can i do? living is agony.

please, help


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Welcome to the forums.. Why don't you write a list of things to do.. Then tackle them one at a time.. If you are unable to do one no problem.. Just put it at the bottom of the list..Meanwhile keep posting here for support..
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