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Is anyone there?..

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The Unforgiven

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Not quite sure if this is the place to put this, but couldnt think of any other. I have exams in a week and so, I'm really really scared and panicking... Is there anyone I could talk to right now?.. Idk I'm just feeling really scared and depressed, dunno what to do. It's all looking so hopeless!.. :blub:


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I have heard that it is best to study for two hours and then take a thirty minute break.. Go outside and get some fresh air..Then study for another two hours then repeat process..I'm sure you will do just fine.. If you need to talk my PM is always open.. If I am not on line I will get back to you as soon as possible..Take care!!


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You can always talk to me : D. Its weird that somehow I didn't add you on skype...add me! I find it best to study till there is nothing else you can do to prepare, and leave it all to fate.

Exams :unsure: ? I will take MCAT and DAT soon too...is there going to be exams after becoming a doctor too :( ..? I am here to talk about literally about whatever. My interest spans across pretty much every thing :diablo:
hope the studying is going ok hun. remember you can only do what you can do..... ignore any other expectations - you are you - a unique individual.... you don't have to do your best for anyone else other than yourself :hug: i hope your doing ok today :arms:
I'm new here and you don't know me (yet), but add me to skype or PM me if you want to talk about this... I'm a good listener, I've been through stressful times at school myself, and I might have an advice or two to help you with the exams and stress and things... :)
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