Is bullying abuse?

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What kind of question is this? Of course it's abuse, anyone who says different is moron. <mod edit:shygirl offensive> This is what happens when schools incorporate typing lessons into their 4th grade curriculum.
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No.. I don't think so.. Especially if people don't do anything to stop or prevent it. IE going to a differnet part of the Workplace/school, not hanging out with that group of people Etc.
lol i have to say, i very much disagree with you

i get bullied and i fight back and really it doesnt seem to do much to me cause i'll fight and most people don't want to deal with that kind of thing

i go to a school with 100 people in the high school and 250 in the lower school

jk-12 school, those 100 people have a locker hall about the length of an NHL ice rink

and the width of a goalie net excluding lockers

the property is probably about 5000-6000 sq feet

vanishing in some cases or blending in are just not possible scenarios
I guess I ask because so many people seem to undermine the consequences of bullying. I think it is abuse, but I wanted to hear the other argument. Steel Tears I'm interested as to why you think that doesn't make it abuse? Plenty of people who are abused don't fight back, but it's still abuse. I was bullied, and I fought back and I did everything I bloody could to stop it and it still happened.

I think I feel weak for having ptsd from being bullied, however severely it might have been. I just wonder about what other people think really. Any thoughts/ramblings/musings are very much appreciated/welcome.
Definition of abuse:

1. maltreatment: the physical, psychological, or sexual maltreatment of a person or animal

There are other definitions of abuse, but this is the main one that links in well with bullying. Bullying is maltreatment - intimidating and/or mistreating another person so yes, without a doubt bullying can be classed as abuse.


Yes it is abuse whether you are physically harmed or not. When bullying is all grown up it is called Domestic Violence.


Yeah, any form of bullying is abuse. Bullying occurs because the bully or bullies wanna make their victims feel miserable. They like to have some sort of edge over you.

Hell, you don't have to be a giant to not get bullied. Bullying can range from any size, race or age. I'll never understand why bullies pick on people. Is it boredom? Power? Anyway, dial 999 immediately if you're feeling like you're in danger.
Steel Tears I'm interested as to why you think that doesn't make it abuse? Plenty of people who are abused don't fight back, but it's still abuse.
Ok, sorry for the late response, tee hee, but i hope this makes up for it

I do agree, that in some circumstances that bullying is indeed a kind of abuse, but what most people fail to remember, is that bullies only bully others to make themselves feel better, and once they have a hook in you, you are stuck. Or are you?

See, people try to physicly and verbally fight back, and not always will it work sadly, and some times higher ups don't do anything about it, belive me, i have been there.

So as cruel as it is, you do what you gotta do, psycological defence. screw with their heads, mess them up, they will leave you alone..

And if worse comes to worse, get a few people to back you up. One voice may make a bit of noice, but 4 makes a raquet or somethinc cheezy like that XD


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Being mean to someone just because you can??:blink: Yes, I think that's abuse. I've seen the damage it can do. There's no excuse for cruelty. Never.


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This topic touches a nerve with me. When I was in school (kindergarten through my senior year of high school) my classmates bullied me to no end. Name calling, last to be picked for sports teams, belittled for everything I tried to do, criticized for my opinions, laughed at for trying to do my best in school, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam. After 13 years of Abuse, I ran away and joined the Army, where my classmates lovingly told me I would never succeed. Now I am a confident adult who can defend myself. The Army accepted me for who I am and taught me how to stand up for myself.
Bullies don't care what you do, if they want to bully you, they will bully you. I see that some school districts are starting to crack down on bullying. I say it's about d*** time.
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